June 18, 2024

55 thoughts on “Yankees (43-19) vs. Twins (33-27) Wednesday, June 5, 2024, 7:05 PM EDT

  1. Doubles all over the place. I would like to see Judge join Albert Belle as the only players with 50 HRs & 50 2Bs in one season. So he’s got to step it up.

  2. Getting back to the Astros cheating…it was weird how great their pitchers were. Seeing two of them out for the season with elbow surgery seems like a tip off they were doing something with something. I just don’t know what.

    If Gleyber doesn’t stink that would be really good news for this lineup,
    4 runs in an inning without a HR? When was the last time they did that?

    1. Miss all you old timers and looking forward to seeing what you new-to-me folks bring to the binder debate.

    2. Pretty sure Girardi’s gone. But I’d take him back in a heartbeat, given what they have to deal with in his stead.

    1. Damn, that was way the hell up there. Really high. Not easy to hit that.

  3. Who still has options? If Blake has possibly unlocked Tonkin, you can’t DFA him, so can anyone else be sent down once Schmidt and Cole return (Poteet is the other guy who would be sent down)?

  4. Hooray for IKF which is probably the first time I ever typed that.

    25 games over 500. Who saw that coming? Not b-ref with their 71 win projection!

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