June 18, 2024

82 thoughts on “Yankees (44-19) vs. Twins (33-28) Thursday, June 6, 2024, 7:05 PM EDT

  1. Jones with a 3 run homer, Martian with a double and Rice with his 2nd home run in 2 days off to a torrid start at Scranton.

    I wonder if Rice has made strides defensively at catcher or at more importantly for now 1B? Rizzo 7/51and hasn’t homered in a month. Slump or fini?

  2. Rizzo last 28 days 194/232/258 and last 14 even uglier, historic, 143/178/191 which is worse then he was post concussion July 2023

  3. Rizzo last 28 days 194/232/258 and last 14 even uglier, historic, 143/178/191 which is worse then he was post concussion July 2023.

    1. Time to play DJ more at 1B and see if they can get a cheap right handed hitting 1B.

  4. RAB Gleyber’s been hitting much more like himself the last few weeks: .278/.341/.506 last 22 games.

    (also, thanks to the Twins for whatever this positioning is at 1B)

    1. This is not the World Series, 62 pitches I let him pitch the 5th. Hes not getting clobbered.

    2. Yeah, man. It’s June. They’ve won 7 in a row. He should pitch to 100 pitches or until he squanders the lead

  5. Ted Williams 84 game on base streak, 10 longer than the runner up. “After Game 85, when he failed to reach base, no newspaper even mentioned it. The streak was literally invisible to most readers, because batters’ walks weren’t in box scores.”

  6. I don’t know what the state of the MIN bullpen is but “why is Lopez still pitching?” is a question on the lips of many a Twin Cities denizen

    1. I think Twinkie fans are watching basketball or maybe a movie about Lewis and Clark and have given up on this game.

  7. RAB “Soto is out of the game with left forearm discomfort and Dominguez just got pulled from the Triple-A game “

    I doubt they’re connected . Martian 3/4 with a double, 364/909 so far AAA.

  8. Such a confusingly managed game by Boone. So it was not important enough to let Stroman shit around for way too long, but then it was important enough to go to Weaver for two plus innings, but then it wasn’t important enough to go to Holmes for a four out save?

    I’m glad Kahnle got out of it (Kahnle is not a good eighth inning guy. I hope Boone learns this).

  9. Gary Phillips Aaron Boone said that Juan Soto has been bothered by this for about a week and has been getting treatment. He didn’t want to send him back out after the rain delay.

    Soto will get imaging tomorrow.

    1. Yeah, it was weird. The fact that he’s been playing through it certainly doesn’t seem to suggest a UCL tear, right? So that’s very good news. And yet, I dunno, Boone was just a BIT too evasive when talking about the imaging. I think they might be a bit worried.

    2. Soto’s OPS in the last 7 games is 1.390.
      With a sore arm.
      Small sample size, but still. Wow.

    3. Just DH the dude, right? Let Stanton play right field for a few games. He’s more nimble nowadays, let him prove it. Then Grisham can come in for defense late.

    4. Why hadn’t they already given him a couple of games at DH? Or a day off?

    5. *puts on tinfoil hat*
      Boras is behind this … see how much you love Soto? You need him on your team. Now you get to see how the team is without him. $700 million please, Hal.

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