June 18, 2024

153 thoughts on “Yankees (45-19) vs. Dodgers (39-25) Friday, June 7, 2024, 7:05 PM EDT

  1. Cody Poteet.
    They manage these games like they want us to think they don’t care, just another mid-season game, no big deal, doesn’t matter that much if we lose.
    Unfortunately, it works, and that’s exactly what I think.

    1. Dropped an easy pop up, kind of half over the shouldered it. He was looking for style points from the East European judges.

    1. This team needs superman-level production to obviate the Boone factor.
      Boone is absolutely far more likely to determine the outcome of this game than the players.
      Is that a good thing?
      No, Virginia, it is not. Not at all.

    1. This is just his standard shitty slow return to normslity from injuries. He’ll be fine eventually, until he breaks his foot again, which he will

    1. Kudos.
      Now THAT is some RLYW-level complaining.
      Forget the kudos, you get the much-discussed kewpie doll!

    1. Not today, apparently. Or not until he replaces Judge for no reason as part of some insane Boonedrivel.

    1. Damn. For a second there.

      Bah. Replied instead of new post. Anyway, why don’t you like using the best reliever in a scoreless tie in the 9th?

  2. I suppose if someone gets on they have to use Soto.

    RAB 4 hours ago “ I’m gonna watch the pinch-hit walk-off homer no fewer than 10,000 times before I go to sleep.”

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