June 18, 2024

98 thoughts on “Yankees (45-20) vs. Dodgers (40-25) Saturday, June 8, 2024, 7:35 PM EDT

  1. By the way, in defense of not calling up The Martian, he’s still basically rehabbing himself, ya know? The other night was the longest he’s played in the field yet this season, and it was just seven innings.

    1. Ok for now. But if Soto’s not back by Tuesday, not so much. He’s playing his 17th game, DJ only played 8.

    1. Yeah he absolutely should not be hitting 5th, or 6th with Soto in the lineup

  2. I’d like it if umpires didn’t let catchers point and decide whether to ask the 1st/3rd base umpires whether it was a swing.

    1. If they have Cole, Gil, Schmidt and Rodon healthy and none of them has crashed, you won’t.

      But Nestor’d be next on my list.

    2. Who would you start before them in the playoffs? (And after Cole and Gil?)

      But really, if you’re starting with Cole and Gil, and then following up with those two, doesn’t sound like doomed to me.

    3. The problem with Gil is he’s approaching uncharted IP territory soon. By October, who knows?

  3. Rizzo is like 1 of his last 27 right now, guy needs a battery of tests and a day off.

    Not like he was setting the world on fire before either.

  4. Like, DJ is obviously not fully recovered from his injury (and don’t get me wrong, it’s fucking SUPER annoying how he takes, like, a fucking MONTH to get back to normal every time he gets hurt, and he CONSTANTLY GETS HURT), but his basic hitting skills are still here. Rizzo is completely lost. It’s so sad.

    1. Boone handles him like they just won 3 rings.

      Maybe that’s not fair. The concussion wasn’t his fault but Aaron stands by them all to the team’s detriment – and maybe their own too.

  5. Still think I’d have given DJLM another two weeks in the minors to be his Spring Training.
    IF he was raking at the end of 2 weeks. Otherwise more.

    1. it’s way more than i could have hoped for this season but he is still clogging up a roster spot as a dh with this production.

      He looked Hicks levels of lost…

    1. yeah, the whole middle of the lineup could disappear and the team would be better.

    2. The good side of that is that it is SO easy to upgrade on Rizzo next season. Gleyber will be harder, but not much harder. Then there’s the question about whether they give Wells another year, or is Ramirez ready?

  6. Soto gets hurt and Stanton decides to stink. Rizzo has stunk for a month. DJL should not even be on the team yet. They are fine when they play bad teams (and the twins) but that’s about it,

    1. They had one of the best players in baseball, and then they didn’t. They then lost 2-1, so I don’t think this is much of a statement about the team.

  7. Rizzo now 7/61 111 and his SLG over the last month 202 is 78 points lower than the lowest full season SLG 280 of Colt Keith, but “he’s just a little in between,” and will continue to hit 5th. Cash sees no problem.

    1. Gleyber needs some ADD meds but Cash is like “there’s nothing wrong with my child! How dare you!”

  8. No team is as good as it looks during a winning streak or as bad as it looks when they are losing. It’s just annoying that as as soon as Soto gets hurt everyone except Judge decided to stink.
    Also 1-3 against Balt and 0-2 against LA. SSS but maybe playing good teams makes certain players shrink the way the Twins do when the play the yanks (which is also SSS).

  9. 5-9 in the starting lineup tonight by OPS 624 (and falling rapidly), 643, 568, 580, 432 (our 4th outfielder)

    Verdugo blew a 99% catch probability. Gleyber 2nd in the majors in errors.

    1. Which play was the 99% one he missed, do you have a link? I was looking around and couldn’t locate this info.

  10. Look, they weren’t blown away by the Os, they could easily have won 2 of the games they lost.
    Last night was a 1 run game they could EASILY have won.
    And they’ve had a fine record against >500 teams, so it’s not that, either.
    This game they just sucked.

    And Brian has the main point – it’s not “the general level of the team” – it’s a yawning pits of absolutely nothing where they could EASILY improve.
    Rizzo has been astoundingly, anomalously bad – in the middle of the lineup. If he hits anything like this, he won’t be around at the end of the season. SOMEBODY can be made to play first base.
    DJLM isn’t ready and shouldn’t be playing, but either he’ll start hitting or that’s a place they can upgrade. They’re getting zilch out of that spot.
    They’re going to have to find a way to get Dominguez on the team – and each bat like that transforms the lineup. It’s annoying that Stanton hasn’t hit these 2 games, but 2 games isn’t even enough to call a slump. Even then, having a bat one or two places lower in the line-up is suddenly pretty impressive.

    They’re a few fixable black holes from being much better than they already are.

  11. I agree. One problem is Easily fixable if anyone can play 1b. Not sure they can find a 3b for DJLM though so that’s harder to fix. No idea why their supposedly all
    Hit not field C can’t hit. As for Gleyber – whatever. He’s costing himself millions.

    1. That was just a shitty article based on the fact that A. Luzardo is almost certainly going to be traded, and B. The Yankees looked into him in the offseason, before they knew Gil was going to be a stud. I don’t think they’re interested in him now at all. The prospect haul it would take to add a seventh starter to the rotation seems quite silly.

      That said, a playoff rotation of Cole, Gil, Luzardo and Rodon would be pretty fucking sick.

    2. Right now, presuming health, of course, I’d put Schmidt significantly above Rodon.

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