June 18, 2024

52 thoughts on “Yankees (42-19) vs. Twins (33-26) Tuesday, June 4, 2024, 7:05 PM EDT

  1. Jasson plays CF. Moving judge to RF or LF is already a good idea taking pressure off his body.
    Dump Grisham.
    Only question is Stanton vs Vertugo on a daily basis.
    Too bad no one plays 1b. I bet Vertugo will give it his best shot.
    I’m which case dump Rizzo.

    How come Betts can play the OF and 2b (and SS) but no one here can? That would be awesome. Dump Gleyber.

  2. I’m pretty sure he’s accumulating major league service time now, as he was on the MLB roster when he got hurt, and to control his service time, they would have had to reinstate him at the first opportunity, and then send him down.

    Extending him 10 days on his rehab assignment seems like they are not worried about his service time.

  3. But what are the service time reasons, really? If he were playing into form, you’d rather he did it in the minors. If Volpe’s last year could have been in the MiLs, and THIS year in MLB, that would have been fine. But if Dominguez is already there, then what’s the benefit of not having that performance at the MLB level now? Yes, you get a bit more later, when he’s older… but it doesn’t give you any more time with Dominguez on the Yankee’s MLB team, does it? It only delays the clock, so he might make less money and have a shorter MLB career. And if he gets injured, you didn’t get him on the big squad when you could have. What’s the benefit to the team delaying his service?

    1. Hopefully, keeping him down longer buys the Yankees an extra season with him before Hal lets us know that they gave a very real and prudent offer to Jasson, but what can you do when the Padres/Tigers/whoever decides to break the bank for him.

      Then we’ll have the next five seasons of a guy in a boot patrolling CF.

  4. Got to assume if Verdugo wasn’t playing well or Stanton was hurt he’d be up much sooner. Right now there’s no urgency and no slot. And yeah if some could play 1B things would be different.

    I wonder if moving Judge to 1b in the future could extend his career.

    1. Blind squirrel? Or maybe he just doesn’t totally stink and is just average. Either way not worth the $ he’s getting or will be asking

    1. As long as they keep pushing the second tier of the division 10, 15, 20 games back, it’s a worthwhile endeavor. Not as good as gaining on Baltimore. But choking the life out of the rest of the teams is key

  5. Katie Sharp Pitchers with a sub-0.65 ERA, 50+ K and 15 or fewer hits allowed in any 7-game span (since ERA became official in 1913):

    Luis Gil (2024)
    Jacob deGrom (2021)

  6. I was watching last night and think that this team is pretty likeable too. Think about the last few seasons with Chapman, German, Donaldson, Hicks, probably a few more who were domestic abusers, alcoholics, hot heads or just didn’t care about playing baseball anymore.

    This team seems to get along well and respect each other.

    1. Yup. I hated Chappy in particular. I haven’t been able to say “I hate Chappy” in a while so thanks for the opportunity!

  7. I looked at the replay of Stanton’s home run. On Gameday that pitch looked impossibly low and inside, but the video shows a pitch I’m not surprised he was able to turn on. A reminder that the white rectangle isn’t the be-all end-all.

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