June 18, 2024

77 thoughts on “Yankees (41-19) @ Giants (29-30) Sunday, June 2, 2024, 4:05 PM EDT

  1. Looked like Poteet was surprisingly good, yes? Second time in a row? Any hope for him to become something?

    And close to continuing the streak… well, I’d like to SLIGHTLY revise the streak, so as not to count runs allowed by subsequent pitchers, or better – just count “getting through 6 with no more than 2 runs”, even if one more run scores later. I wonder when the last time is that was done if you make that slight adjustment…

    1. We were discussing this (at work, ha) and we’re pretty sure it happened many times back in the day when pitchers threw CGs giving up runs late in the game. Sid Fernandez comes to mind; back in the 80s it seemed he always had a no hitter into the 5th or 6th and then gave up runs late. Had he pitched in today’s game he’d be a gazillionaire. .

    2. I know exactly what you mean. But that would have to be true for every starter in the rotation, time after time. If the previous streak went back to the f*ing NINETEENTH CENTURY, and now we’d have tacked on a few MORE games… it might really be that rare.
      Or maybe not. It’s not obvious to me.

    1. Well Stanton 6-46, DJ looking rusty, Rizzo looking like toast, and Gleyber being pretty bad. Four guys out of nine right there who help make it look easy for opposing pitchers.

    1. It isn’t a criterion and Judge went way less than other swings called checks

  2. Tell me again how inherited runners don’t score more often than non-inherited runners. If I knew how to work with the statistics, I would do it.

    1. Once the starter’s not lights out, the Boone factor comes back into play.
      It’s been a while – nice to relax for a bit.

  3. Is the order of the relievers brought in supposed to be an outright declaration that Boone’s okay with losing this game with the first two in the bank?

  4. Trevino chugging around the bases was quite a sight

    The Yankees seem like they’re getting a ton of triples this year, don’t they?

    1. Currently 10th in MLB, with 9 triples so far this year. But way ahead of recent Yankees teams. The 2022 squad only had 8 triples all year.

    1. (Sorry. Part of me regrets that I’m going to hell, and part of me wants to double down with a riff on Stanton’s weight loss and declining performance status.)

  5. Soto at first seemed a bit aggressive, hyperactive-contentious… but then you see him playing with the umpires, playing with his teammates – they have got to keep this guy.

  6. Annoying camerawork on Volpe’s triple.

    And another thing about Volpe – I like having Italians on the Yankees. Like the teams of the 40s and 50s.

    1. I worry he’ll need to be in recovery for several days after all that running

    2. That was great. The fact that they came so close to hitting into the DP there – not so great. Good think it was hit just slowly enough!

      And I note that they could as easily not have said Judge went around. And there was a mass of pitches called strikes that weren’t, according to the rectangle on the screen, and a ton called balls that weren’t – really, anything could have happened today.

  7. Yankees hit for the cycle in the 9th.Torres single, Volpe triple, Soto home run, and Stanton double

    James Smyth: Had no idea how common “Yankees hit for cycle in an inning” would be
    This was their first since 9/10/2019 at DET (2nd inn, Urshela 2B, Ford 1B, Frazier 1B, Wade 3B, Gardner 2RHR)
    Last in 9th inn or later: 9/8/1980 at TOR (Murcer 2B, Gamble tying 3B, Watson GW 1B, Cerone 2RHR)

  8. When the Yankees optioned a struggling Mickey Mantle to the Minors in July 1951, representing a make-or-break moment in the future Hall of Famer’s career, Art Schallock was summoned to take the vacant roster spot.

    Schallock has received another call to the big leagues. Now the oldest living Major Leaguer, the 100-year-old Schallock visited the Yankees’ dugout before Sunday’s game against the Giants at Oracle Park.

    “It’s a great thrill to be here,” Schallock said.


    1. A great thrill to be in the Yankee dugout or a great thrill to still be on planet earth at age 100?

    1. I think they genuinely did not like each other from O’Neill’s playing days and the relationship that grew up in the booth is better for it.

  9. Was at the game today. Most fun I’ve had at a ballpark in 20 years. Players seemed really focused and the fans fed off that. It got real loud in the 9th. Seemed at that point like there were comparable numbers of fans in Yankees and Giants gear, though it’s possible that the Giants fans had already left trying to beat the traffic.

    Interestingly, the big screen at Oracle Park doesn’t report batting average. Just OBP, SLG, and OPS, because the Giants assume their fans are sabermetrically inclined nerds yet somehow can’t recognize linear dependence.

    1. So cool – you just pick a game, and it ends up being *that game*

      “yet somehow can’t recognize linear dependence.”
      Or maybe it’s just a presumption that they’re excruciating slow at basic mathematical operations? Funny.

  10. Odd that the highlights people – and the announcers – seem to think that any ball over the wall is an incredible play. Even if the player is really already there and just makes a hop to catch it. SOME of them are fantastic; others are pretty routine. Is the fact that half of the “plays of the week” video are over-the(-generally-not-too-high)-wall catches a hint, maybe, that it’s not all that rare and often not terribly difficult?

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