June 18, 2024

21 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Yanks’ bullpen strategy backfires in extra-innings loss

  1. RAB Lineup should be:

    1. Verdugo
    2. Judge
    3. Soto
    4. Everyone else

    Verdugo and Soto are the only guys hitting and right now they are so far apart in the lineup that one never has a chance to drive in the other.

    I think I might keep Volpe leading off, switch Soto and Judge and move Verdugo to 4 or 5 rotating with Stanton.

    1. I want volpe out of the leadoff spot to let him adjust in a less exposed role. It’s weird that they moved so fast to move a veteran like Gleyber out of the spot when he wasn’t performing and won’t consider doing the same for a guy still establishing himself.

  2. I’m not sure it ever really makes any sense to “save” the good pitchers – to avoid just using the best pitcher you have left. I guess I can imagine a situation, but it would have to be a real rock-and-a-hard-place scenario, and they weren’t facing anything like that last night.

    Late in a game like last night’s, what you have is a guarantee that you’re using that “best pitcher left” in a high leverage situation. Why save him in case you might, maybe, get a high-leverage situation later? You have one now. And what’s the likelihood you end up using them in a LOWER-leverage situation? Pretty good, I’m betting.

    Just win the game you’re playing, man.

    1. He was saving his best pitcher in order to go to his worst pitcher. There was no Lo or Wandy or Ephus or Hamilton to come in. He threw 9 pitches on Tuesday and 10! last night. I bet if last night had been one of those innings nwith an error and a walk Booner would’ve let his pitch count rise past 25 or 30. Booner knows a few simple baseball axions but doesn’t understand the context.

    2. YC, I agree, that’s exactly what he would have done.

      But shouldn’t you really go with your best? If you win, then you still can win the game in which you won’t be able use that pitcher, if there even is such a game. So if you win, you win either one or both games; if you lose, can only win one and might lose both.

      More accurately, the way to improve your chances of winning is by using the bet pitchers in the highest-leverage situation that will arise in those two games. You KNOW you have a high-leverage situation here – a one-run game in the late innings, corrupted by the lousy, stinkin’ Manfred man. Are you likely to have a higher-leverage situation in the next game – in which your offense could blow them out in the 1st inning, or in which your own starter might implode in the 1st inning… it’s possible, but it’s got to be less likely. In which case you should use your best pitcher NOW, not later. Whoever you DON’T use know will, after all, be available later. If you were even considering using THAT pitcher in the higher-leverage situation – well, if that situation actually DOES arise in the next game, you have your chance to do it, and then it at least would make some sense.

    1. In other breaking news, Napoleon’s victory at Waterloo may not have been as complete as expected.

  3. Wrong but some changes along the line of my earlier suggestion

    A Volpe (R) SS
    J Soto (L) RF
    A Judge (R) CF
    A Verdugo (L) LF
    G Stanton (R) DH
    A Rizzo (L) 1B
    G Torres (R) 2B
    A Wells (L) C
    O Cabrera (S) 3B

  4. Greg Joyce Ian Hamilton was feeling some general soreness yesterday after playing catch, per Boone, which is why he was not available to pitch (barring an emergency) last night. Hoping to have him available tonight.

    1. I’m surprised Tonkin hasn’t been shuttled yet.

      He can’t be optioned, right? So he’d have to be DFA’d, and you’d think they’d first like to give Blake a chance to work with him.

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