June 18, 2024

12 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Verdugo moves to cleanup, promptly kicks off Yanks’ blowout

    1. Which is a lot, because the level of certainty was high.

      This start was especially promising – it was disturbing how few men he was striking out until now. Of course, it’s just one start.

      Judging by people I’ve seen with back problems, the main thing isn’t that it’s all over the minute the problem occurs – it’s that it can recur, and that recurrence is unpredictable. It seems eminently possible that he could be every bit as good as he ever was, but it also seems possible that it could suddenly end – or at least pause – at any moment.

  1. I saw the Sox scored 17 and thought it would be fun if the Yankees did that… an hour or so later they came close.

    I’m cautiously optimistic that Rodon has his mechanics sorted out. Now he just needs to stay healthy.

    1. But although he’s had a few decent games, this the first one where he could really strike batters out. Until yesterday, he’s looked pretty lucky. I’d love to think he’s back, but I’d like to see a few more like this one first.

    1. He’s been good with the second highest OPS, 91 points higher than Volpe, on the team. I was wondering if he changed his swing now that he’s no longer looking to pepper line drives off the Green Monster?

      Volpe last 14 days OPS 509.

  2. Statistics question: I’m thinking that any given pythag number should approach meaninglessness the higher the numbers are? +45 is a lot more impressive if you’ve scored 46 runs than if you’ve scored 700 runs.

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