June 18, 2024

10 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Cortes takes first Bronx loss since ’22 as bats falter in clutch

  1. It seems obvious that Rizzo is a bit slow. Concussion related probably. He’s not going to be very good this year.
    Stanton has been bad for too long for anyone to think he’ll bounce back.
    Judge and Gleyber though should both be fine. Unless, the tainted poison water in the Yankee clubhouse finally got to them.

    1. Stanton has been fine this year. He’s never going to hit in the high 200s again. But. he’ll walk and hit for power.

      I also think Rizzo is done.

      Judge is fine, Gleyber is also fine, once his contact quality normalizes he’ll be a very good hitter again – his PAs have remained quality up until he makes contact.

    2. I will disagree on Stanton. Look at his statcast page. He’s cooked but like Donaldson last season (though not that extreme) he’ll still run into a few.

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