July 17, 2024

39 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Yankees’ strengths all on display in third straight win in KC

  1. The very definition of “without missing a beat.” Poteet’s line is indistinguishable from every Yankee pitcher’s line, day in and day out, except Gil. Schmidt, when he was here had good strikeout numbers. It’s almost like it doesn’t matter who they plug into that spot.

  2. There was some big series of essays making the rounds lately about AI from a researcher/alignment guy who’d worked at OpenAI and folks, lemmetellya, if you haven’t worked yourself up into a fine lather of existential dread lately, I highly recommend it. Real admiration for the Maj. Kong yolo ethos of our dumbest smart people.

    1. Most transparent tech grift since NFTs, this time with job-destroying power!

    2. The devotees spew a lot of piffle but I’m getting a little tinfoil hatty about some of the actual and rumored shit tech companies are up to wrt massive investments in energy and long-term contracts with electricity providers to better power fuck-you sized data centers.

    3. There are so many smart idiots in positions beyond their non-primary abilities. It’s a real problem.

    4. That’s why I insist on the integrity of being a regular idiot-idiot in positions beyond by primary abilities.

    1. Excellent, thanks Sic.
      I’ve been having an ongoing discussion with a specialist in the phliosophy of internet security, lots of AI issues arise.

    1. that’s actually really interesting. we each randomly get a team, and let OOTP cashman take over

    1. These fringe guys who aren’t baseball-young hanging around as their kids grow up and their wives deal with everything are really something. Nice when they succeed

    2. That was the most surprising part. I guess it makes sense to credit the player whenever possible, it’s a better sales pitch than “we will take credit for your improvements”

  3. Also, this would take work I’m not willing to do, but I wonder if Rodon’s success so far is down to changes Blake helped with

    1. I think Blake works best with guys who are willing to be moldable. I don’t think Rodon strikes me as a moldable guy. That’s why it seems like his biggest successes are with guys who have nothing left to lose, so they’ll just do anything Blake says. It makes the guys who fail here, like Dennis Santana, seem so unusual. Like, how did that guy not work it out?

    2. Y2Y changes on Savant suggest the biggest difference this year is he’s throwing the change more and getting swings and misses on it (52.9 Whiff% vs. 42.1% last year). It has more drop on it than it did last year, more in line with his CWS years. Though the slider seems to be getting worse (still above average but 6.6 inches of break compared to 7-8 the previous few years.)

      He also introduced a cutter that hasn’t been very good (.710 xSLG).

      Fewer walks, fewer barrels seems to be the sauce this year.

    3. idk Brian, mechanics, which includes finger feel, would seem to be the biggest asset(s) for Blake. yes, if the player yearns for a Rothschild type that’d pose…limiting to say the least, but I think that while Blake has worked wonders with reclamation types, give him a kopech-type and, I believe, we’d redefine the word superlative.

    1. I was impressed. It was just the Mariners, but yeah, it was still impressive. That White Sox team is collecting some nice prospects, and I bet they’ll get even more for Crochett and Robert. They might be pretty good in a couple of years.

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