July 17, 2024

31 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Good series, bad ending: ‘Stuff is going to happen’

  1. “You’re going to lose some” is no analysis at all. That was a game they could easily and should have won. No reason not to think about what they could do better.

    1. It’s really good to be in that state – where any loss seems wrong and pisses you off. Let’s hope they maintain that feeling.

    2. eh, it’s baseball. shit happens. providing shit doesn’t happen too often, I’m ok with yesterday

    3. Yeah. It’s not like the royals are a bad team either. Obviously a tough loss, but it’s ok to move on.

    4. Such a weird conversation. We can’t help moving on, can we? What would “not moving on” look like? Heh.
      You may not win every game, but that’s no analysis of any particular win or loss. If we can’t discuss the games… I mean, what do we do here?

  2. Yes they could have won 3-2. They also could have lost 2-1. It’s baseball. Win 3 out of 4 against a team that looks like a playoff tram? That is good.

    1. I’m not sold yet on the Royals. I just don’t trust Singer and Lugo to keep putting up numbers. Even with the ball seemingly dead again this year.

    2. I think this one hurt more because Rizzo should have made the play. If Holmes gives up two clean singles, and then a double, it’s whatever. Shit happens.

      But I agree, they took three out of four AND the Orioles lost, so I’m overall fine with it all.

    1. mother fuck. he’s more than dead weight as he still needs to be carried on the 40-man even on the mil il. This is like anti-moneyball.

      Hmm, maybe dombrowski’s interest could be piqued

    2. from mlbtraderumors he’s on the 40 man still? if they can stash him on the il that solves that problem, otherwise, BOO

    3. Yeah, I’m so confused on the question of whether he can be put on the 60-Day IL or not. If he can’t, then, like, why the fuck NOT?

    4. If he’s on the 40-man he can be sent to the 60 day, but then he accrues service time.

    5. you know what, accruing time isn’t a huge concern to me. it’d be a shame for him to take up a viable 40 man slot, and, to me, slightly less crappy (yet still crappy) to lose him via rule 5. if he reduces his k% from 30 to, say, 25, he’d be a very viable major leaguer. hell, even if he doesn’t he could be a crappy Luis robert

    6. I agree the service time isn’t an issue, he’s a “break glass in case of emergency” option anyway and the Yankees aren’t going to be constrained by this. As for why he doesn’t go on the 60 now, I believe there’s a rule that teams are supposed to have all 40 slots occupied (to prevent cheap teams from only carrying say 35 guys) and the 60-day listing generally happens only when really necessary to get a new guy on the 26 man roster. You often see teams put guys on the 10 or 15 day when it’s clear they will be gone longer. So the Yankees will move him to the 60 when they really want a guy in the majors who’s not already on the 40 and there’s not another move to make, like DFAing a fungible reliever.

  3. I dunno, I don’t like or trust Clay Holmes and I see no reason to change my mind. I won’t miss him when he’s gone and even though he’s the only reliever I can name off the top of my head I imagine I will forget him instantly.

    1. he’s be a great fireman w his bowling ball sinker and capacity to get k’s. he just doesn’t get a shitton of k’s

  4. I can’t really be upset at Holmes who has pitched 31 games and only given up runs in 3 of them (and in one of the 3 the runs were unearned).

    Just picked years at random:
    2000 Mariano gave up runs in 8 of his first 31 games. In 2004 3 of his first 31. In 2009 6 out of 31.

    The job of a relief pitcher – particularly a closer – is to not give up runs. Holmes is doing a great job so far. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try to get better now or that I’ll be sad to see him elsewhere next year getting an 8 figure pay day.

    (Ps my opinion: What made Mariano the greatest of all time was that he was amazingly consistently top flight for a long time. No bad years. There was always some flash in the pan who had a better year. But for reliability year after year as a top-3 closer? He’s the best ever. Well that and the post season.)

    1. “I can’t really be upset at Holmes who has pitched 31 games and only given up runs in 3 of them (and in one of the 3 the runs were unearned).”

      Well, plus just over a third of his inherited runners.

      UPD: Mariano was around 29%, actually, so probably statistically indistinguishable.
      UPD: For his career, Holmes is actually better than that.
      So your point probably stands.

    1. Why not, but if I were Abreu I’d look for a team with a clearer path to playing time, and if I were the Yankees, I’d think twice about about the optics of signing a washed player to potentially replace a less-washed first baseman.

    2. Garret Cooper was also released. He OPSed 900 last year against LHPs. He stinks but….

  5. Brayan Bello just signed a 6 year contract with the notoriously stingy townies. He’ll be making $19 Million in 2029. Gil was ent to the minors this year and we’ll be pitching in the Cape Cod League in 2029. Big edge townies.

    1. Fenway being a kind of reversed Yankee Stadium, they want Vertigo in the bigger part of the outfield.

    1. Are they saying anything about how long? Finally the games are at least a bit earlier (in my time zone, that matters)… and… ugh.

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