July 17, 2024

21 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Verdugo returns to Fenway with 1st-pitch HR, 4 RBIs, Yanks’ 50th win

  1. Wasn’t here by then, but looks like Ferguson pitched like Relief Ace Ferguson. Ruled the brazen cars, he did, by the look of it.

  2. What a strutting trot by Verdugo in Boston, hilarious.

    “Boozer” is such a little-town, nicknamey name, somehow just perfect for Boston.

    Fenway is such an amazing ballpark. Left field is cool, right field is cool, the middle outfield corner is cool, the whole thing is great.

    Volpe’s stolen bases went without comment, but that was pretty impressive.

    Agree with Brian on Gil – some days are surely going to better than others, and if that’s how he works out of trouble, then I think it may be time to revise those early reviews questioning his mental toughness. Looked pretty strong and pretty even-keel to me!

    1. I get the Dodgers, but the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry just isn’t very good right now. Is it really worth the nationwide broadcast?

    2. Greatest rivalry in the history of mankind. Seems to me I remember games when the O’s were good in the 90s and they were our rivals, and I rooted for Boston in 86, the Dodgers go back to the 40s and of course Houston. If anything next Sunday’s Phillies game is more worthy of a national broadcast.

    3. It makes sense because the national games are for casual fans, somewhat a la the playoffs. The exact state of the rivalry doesn’t matter for this audience. It’s summer, they’re gonna grill and have a couple beers and turn on the game. Which is fine, even if it’s annoying to us.

  3. Jen McCaffrey: “ “We were trying to maximize his value and I think we killed it,” Cora said of Verdugo’s trade

    “It opened up the door for us to play other guys. I think where we were roster-wise and the plan that we had going into the season, yeah, it was the right time.”

    Verdugo no biggie but how do you trade Betts? If I’m a townie fan I’m still super pissed.

    1. They let Bogaerts walk, traded Betts and extended Devers, the worst of the three. Great plan.

    2. Devers is having an excellent season. Bogie was washed BEFORE he broke his shoulder.

      They fucked up the Betts situation horribly, but Devers over Bogie was 100% the right call.

    3. I think the way you can tell Devers is the worst is that the Red Sox kept him

  4. I agree with Brian. It seemed like Gil did not have his A game last night but he navigated to a very good result. I kept thinking he would blow up, but kudos to him, he didn’t. As of now he’s got to be in the early CY conversation as well as for starting the ASG.

    1. Yeah, he’s 15 overall in MLB in fWAR and rWAR, but that’s still only good for 3rd best AL SS.

    2. Listen, last year raised questions, and this year has to make you feel a ton better about Volpe. But I don’t think by any means that this is his limit offensively.

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