July 17, 2024

18 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Soto scales Monster but Rodón’s win streak snapped by Sox

  1. Just to remind us how good the Yankees have to be, playing with the Boone handicap.

    Given the starters’ amazing run, the Yankees have to have the most rested bullpen at this point of the season in the history of the game. No team can ever have afforded as easily to take out a starter on a day he just didn’t have it at all. It’s got to be hard for us to even REMEMBER the last time that happened. I mean, what is all that rest FOR?

    Also, I wouldn’t be too down on Stanton. He had as many hits as Judge, Soto, Volpe, Verdugo, Rizzo and Torres combined. He’s been fine. In fact, it’s odd – he’s almost always on an extended cold streak or a less-extended by awe-inspiring hot streak. For almost all this season he’s just been pretty good. Strange.

    Volpe, though, can’t by a hit for love or money. When Volpe’s off, I mean, he’s really off. We saw it just before his hot streak.

  2. Volpe last14 days 210/210/307, last 7 121/121/182 No walks in over 62 games.
    Gleyber 208/269/396 last 14
    DJ 196/302/196 only 5 balls hit 300 feet or more

  3. This has to be somewhat on Boone.
    Pinstripe Alley: “Fangraphs stat, aptly dubbed “Base Running (BsR)”, aggregates stolen bases, caught stealings, runners thrown out on the base paths, taking extra bases, and other baserunning plays and turns them into runs above and below average. By this metric, the Yankees are the second-worst team in baseball with -7.2 BsR, in front of only the Angels.

    “Statcast runner runs created to measure base running success, is based on the runner’s speed and position as well as the fielder’s arm and position. It’s basically a measure of how successful a runner should be compared against how successful they actually are. By this measure, Statcast has the Yankees tied as the second-worst team in baseball with -4 extra runs from baserunners.”

    1. Interesting that there are so many ways THIS TEAM could actually become better. Amazing, really.

  4. 1) replace the right side of the infield. Or at least get a 1b who can hit.
    2) get another relief pitcher
    3) get someone else to make in game decisions and fill out the line up card. Keep Boone around for everything else.

    1. DJ might turn out to be a bigger problem than Rizzo. He’s not hitting the ball hard and it’s now 21 games between the majors and minors.
      And what to make of Volpe? As of today the infield is not very good with Baltimore and Philly upcoming. Hopefully next week the problem will rectify itself.

    2. I’m guessing DJ will hit his stride at some point, but I still can’t fathom why they brought him up immediately, when he hadn’t even started hitting impressively in the minors.

      As opposed to Dominguez, who they didn’t bring up when he was clearly hitting way over his league’s head. Now he’s hurt, hoping it’s nothing, but remember… what was his name? Brien Taylor, right? Thank God the idiot blew out his arm in a barfight. If he’d stayed healthy and had a HOF career, imagine how much of his service time the team would have used up!
      Tragedy avoided.

    1. As I had mentioned in the previous thread. They even gave him an extra day or two off after that game.

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  6. Jasson Dominguez felt something in his left side on a checked swing, Aaron Boone said. He is getting testing today.

    See ya next Spring.

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