July 17, 2024

36 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Yankees frustrated at Fenway as Sox run wild

  1. I don’t get the Trevi thing. We’ve never heard that stat on his throwing before – and I don’t recall teams running on him successfully before like this. And yet it was treated as a weakness known in advance. Where was that weakness, where were the 20 stolen bases, in his last million starts? It’s like someone’s rewriting history.
    Someone in Boston. Which helps explain 2004.

    1. I do recall comments on how good he is at snapping throws to pick off runners on first and third, though.

    2. I think Trevy knows enough trickery to make up for the bad throwing speed, but the combo of his bad throwing speed and Stroman being slow to the plate was just a terrible combo. 5 of the 9 steals were when Stroman was in the game.

    3. Brian, interesting, but that’s still the same rate – 5 in 5 innings, 4 in the remaining 4. And what’s the most he’s given up in any other game this year? Bet it’s less than the 4 he gave up in this game even if you completely ignore the 5 he gave up while Stroman was pitching.

      “Multiple generations have come and gone since the last time a Yankees team allowed an opponent to run as wildly as the Red Sox did on Sunday evening.”
      If that was because Trevino was so bad at throwing runners out, he’d have had at least one game at least HALF this bad. The argument just doesn’t make any sense. It’s just not true that Trevino’s been terrible at throwing runners out, whatever his throw speed is. Whatever the reason for the 9 SBs yesterday, it has to be a reason specific to this game.

    1. Yes and no. When they win the complaining here disappears and where’s the fun in that?

      Still on a 108 win+ pace but without a trade for a 1b/3b I’m taking the under. However, I’m still taking the over on b-refs pre season prediction of 71.5.

    2. They’ve lost 3 of the last 4. If they continue at that pace they’ll win 22 more games and finish with… 72 wins. Don’t mock Bref just yet.

    3. See, and you guys were okay with this loss, and with that loss…
      As if they even asked you whether it was okay, as if it were a matter of your approval or acceptance. They didn’t, though, and you couldn’t have changed it (except, apparently, Jeff, who we will therefore blame for these and all other losses). No one expects you to throw yourselves out of windows, but thatw as never the question. It’s still losing and they should be doing all the things they should do to NOT be losing. They’re doing some stuff really, really right, but a good deal of the stuff they’re doing wrong isn’t stuff they couldn’t, you know, NOT do wrong.

    4. I still have one, dare I say, don card up my ntr sleeve. but it is for exclusive use in the playoffs

    1. Or this guy Eli Fischman “Worth noting, #Yankees 1B prospect TJ Rumfield is slashing .305/.370/.441 between Double-A Somerset and Triple-A SWB this season with 5 HR.
      Won the minor league Gold Glove at 1B last season with @SOMPatriots.”

      Rice has a total of 55 games at 1B. No reports on his defense. Neither is on 40 man. Or they could go Peraza or Vivas neither of whom is hitting in the minors and DJ at 1B. Cash love to hoard 40 man spots.

  2. Went and looked it up.

    Trevino’s at -1 catcher’s caught stealing above average – right there with Rorvedt, above Wells. He’s got a 19% caught stealing rate – above Wells (7%) and above Rorvedt. Trevino’s expected CS% is 9th in MLB.
    In most categories related to throwing runners out, he’s on the low end of middle-of-the-pack, in some (like expected CS%, not a bad measure, he’s near the top. Only in the catcher arm strength measure is he at the bottom.

    It’s just false that he’s very, very bad at throwing runners out.

    1. Even more so, then, yes! So Trevino’s arm speed (which as been rated that way all year) is not a reasonable explanation for an explosion in SBs allowed yesterday, a thing not evident in the entire accumulated season information thus far.

    2. Trevino’s also 4th best in MLB in pop time. That’s the time from the catcher catching the ball to the infielder catching the catcher’s throw. That’s the actual measure that counts. If he’s 4th in the league in that, arm strength doesn’t matter. That’s the main thing you ask from a catcher in those situations.

      And that’s not new. If you look at 2022-2024, so there’s more data, he’s 7th in MLB in pop speed. That sounds much more like the guy we’ve seen picking runners off first and third.

    3. well, if trev has a crappy arm, id wager Yankee pitchers are good at holding runners on. yet another Blake success!

    1. If they don’t go Rumfield or Rice then they’re weakening the already weakest parts of the lineup.

    2. If they don’t go Rumfield or Rice then they’re weakening the already weakest parts of the lineup.

      Agreed, but if Rizzo is only out for a short period of time, they have to cut someone to get a 40-man spot, and who do you even cut at this point? Unless they can put Pereira on the 60-Day IL, that is.

    3. losing frequently aside, I’m most concerned that we privileged rlyw have yet to figure out the Pereira 40-man, il, etc quagmire

    4. Right? How is it so hard to figure out?! My best guess is that so long as they don’t need the spot, they’d prefer to try to avoid it to give him ML injury list money, but if they need the spot, they WILL put him on the 60-Day IL.

    5. I mean being demur about service time accrual hijinx I get, but, if, instead, we’re talking about a few sheks…

  3. Rosenthal: Yankees’ Anthony Rizzo could miss 4 to 6 weeks with arm fracture. Story with @BrendanKuty and @ChrisKirschner:

    RAB: Not looking forward to hearing “the Yankees don’t need a 1B, Rizzo is coming back” between now and the deadline.

    1. 4/6 weeks plus another 3 weeks of rehab and another month of sucking after they bring him back to soon.
      Whether he’s the first baseman or the runner, Rizzo just can’t win.

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