July 17, 2024

39 thoughts on “Yankees.com: ‘A big relief’: Judge OK after HBP on hand in Yankees’ win

    1. hell be fine as long as he doesn’t hit the ball off center causing a lot of reverberations in his hands and wrists. At least it’s not cold

  1. Cortes comes through. The starters keeping up these performances is central, obviously.

    Watched the condensed game – Rice made some nice plays – stretching towards the outfiled on Gleyber’s sliding play, making the pick-off putout at first. And no issues on any play at first.

    Just a great, great play by Volpe but he’s dragging his OBP back down into the “not good enough” range. Again, he clearly has the talent to have had the hot streak, but let’s hope that’s the real Volpe, and not the one before and after.

    People here complaining about Stanton, and I don’t get it – he’s hit better than anyone after Judge and Soto, including Vertigo – the big difference, it seems to me, is that when it’s not a home run, it’s not an automatic out.

    Volpe, Vertigo and Stanton have threatened to reach 800, but keep falling back. What do we think the cut-off (arbitrary, yes) is for an OPS being really good? Is that it, around 800?

    1. I knew Volpe was struggling, I hadn’t realized the extent. He hasn’t walked in 2 weeks and only 4 walks over the past month. He’s completely lost control of the zone.

    2. The putout was DJ I believe. Waldo came in to play 3b and DJ moved over to 1b.

      DJ actually had two hard hit fly balls last night. So maybe……

    1. By the time I was old enough to watch him play he was just a shell of himself. 1973 WS – ugh. But his numbers speak for themselves; let alone what his contemporaries said about him. And the fact that every time a young stud came up they said “he’s the next Willie mays” as opposed to “he’s the next Big Fan (or whatever)”

    2. Every time a hot young poster comes to the board I wonder if they’ll be the next Big Fan

    1. You really don’t have to be an asshole. Although perhaps I’m missing crucial information about that.

  2. “Every time a hot young poster comes to the board I wonder if they’ll be the next Big Fan” – UJD

    I’ll tell you someone who isn’t – nyr Jeff Lee 🙂

    Good luck to all searching for apartments in NYC. Been there done that with my kids. Though if you don’t mind paying thousands you’ll be fine. Sigh

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