July 17, 2024

13 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Judge (25th HR) continues ridiculous stretch as Yankees clobber KC

  1. I think there really has to be something to changed conditions – most likely a deader ball – in explaining the success of this pitching staff. I’d LIKE to believe that more of it was the pitching coach, but I suspect it’s more the ball. For a good long time now, strikeouts have been held as one of the most reliable predictors of a pitcher’s future success. And teams have focused more developing hard throwers; a league with lots of Moyers and Maddoxes seems a distant memory. But a deader ball mean more ground balls becoming outs and reduce home runs allowed… while having the least impact on hitters like Judge and Stanton, whose HRs don’t usually just slip over the wall. It fits Volpe’s trajectory from last year to this year, too, I think.
    All of which makes me a bit uncomfortable, as I believe MLB has been known to “correct” the ball half-way through a season.

    1. The dead ball is helping, but the rest of the MLB is also playing with a dead ball and few are pitching as well as the Yankees.

      Since the MLB can fuck with the ball whenever they want and however they want, there’s not much teams can do about it, aside from chasing optimization of the 3 true outcomes.

    2. Agree, and this (happily) doesn’t do much to explain the amazing breakout of Gil. But I do think this may be the kind of staff that will inordinately benefit from a deader ball.

  2. Btw, jeff, I’d be open to an ootp league, not sure how many here have the game/are familiar though

    Also I haven’t ever done an online league

  3. Think we should be concerned at all about the delay in the release of tonight’s lineup? I assumed Judge and Soto were just getting well-deserved rests at the end of a blowout, but perhaps something was actually wrong?

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