July 17, 2024

39 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Yankees Stink, and Carlos Rodon REALLY Stinks

  1. Remember when Judge was on a roll and everybody else was bad, and he said HE had to step it up?

    Aaron, please step it back down again.

  2. “The hitting AND the pitching all going from the best in the league to the worst in the league in three weeks’ time seems hard to believe. There likely is a mixture of some injury bad luck, and also them probably playing better than their abilities earlier, and worse than their abilities now. If it just balanced out to somewhere in the middle, though, they’d be doing a lot better than now.”

    Umm… yes. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly.

  3. As unpleasant as it is to say, the potential offseason acquisition that would increase the Yankees’ prospects the most would be dumping Boone for Alex Cora.
    Yes, the Houston cheating, he was right there. But he’s also everything Boone isn’t.

  4. Also, that was a great looking Rice HR. But three sharply hit singles would have boosted my confidence in him more after the past few days.

  5. I haven’t been watching but had Rice changed his approach at all
    – does it look like he’s swinging for the fences more now than he was the day he came up?

    How bad do they have to play to get Boone fired? How about Cashman? Would missing the playoffs do it? do they need to finish under 500? Whatever it takes I’ll sign up for.

    1. This is the 3rd straight year of this happening and it didn’t appear that Boone is in any peril. Just painful.

    2. Agree, it’s crazy. Of course, even if his job were in danger, they shouldn’t make that obvious until they act on it.

      I also was thinking about that – that maybe after the 3 HR game Rice adopted more of an all-or-nothing kind of approach. If so, let’s hope it’s temporary.

    3. does it look like he’s swinging for the fences more now than he was the day he came up?

      I don’t think so, Rice has always been projected to have above-average power and good control of the strike zone. I don’t think he’s doing anything different than when he was in minors. I think it;s more getting hittable pitches.

      All he’s done is hit since he started regular season games. I won’t pretend he’s going to be a Paul Goldschmidt at first, but a kid who can hit .270 with a .350 OBP and knock 15-25 HRs is very valuable guy when he doesn’t cost much.

    1. This is the final year of Boone ‘s contract, although the Yankees have an option for 2025. So technically he doesn’t need to be fired.

  6. SI : The response of the Yankee brass has been pretty boilerplate, but one of the team’s stars is being a little more vocal. Juan Soto spoke after New York’s loss to the Red Sox on Sunday, saying that while he still believed the club can turn this cold streak around, nobody on the team is having fun. Soto’s been one of the most important parts of this team’s record, and when the usual smiling, swaggy slugger is this frank, things need to change.

    He won’t be back.

    1. I love the guy, but it’s not like he’s exactly hot himself at the moment. He hasn’t shown up in big moments in any of these recent losses.

      As for his chances of returning, I imagine it’ll all come down to how they finish the season. His mood might surprisingly be a lot better if they do well in the playoffs. The money will definitely be there. Hal is many things, but he’s not SO stupid as to miss out on Soto if Soto is willing to return.

    2. Soto has been awful quiet with the bat the last month. His walk rate is buoying his overall OPS, but his power has been limited and his BABIP has been atrocious. Since June 14th, the first Red Sox series: .186 ba .406 OBP, .386 SLG and a .173 BABIP.

    3. The money may be there but it won’t be the most money. It’s more like he’ll say Judge and Cole will be a year older and there’s a dearth of good young players.

    4. Isn’t the thing Boone is allegedly good at is managing shit like player egos and clubhouse mood?

  7. Cashman had some interesting comments about Gleyber sucking in his walk year. Cashman compared it to Sevy and Bader ALSO sucking in their walk years. He noted that sometimes the pressure helps players, but sometimes, it sinks them.

  8. volpe, unable to make adjustments
    rodon, unable to make adjustments
    boone, unable to make adjustments
    hal, unable to make adjustments

    what fun

  9. Seriously what’s the story with Volpe? How do you go from OPSing 812 in May to 547 in June to 345 so far in July at age 23, not age 33. Is he a head case or is he just really easy to pitch to as long as you follow some plan. It’s kind of like an accelerated Gary Sanchez deterioration except Sanchez was never this bad. Is some of this on Boone and the coaches?

    Even in the minors Spencer Jones after a good June is hitting 103 in July and he doesn’t seem any better this year than last even though they changed his swing ‘for the better’ by lowering his hands.

    1. Yeah, saw that. It sucks. Maybe he can pull a Gil and come back throwing strikes a bit better.

    1. “Oh no, I’m locked out of my house. I guess I should burn a hole through my wall to get back in.”

      Technically, you have solved one of your problems…

    2. I guess I’ll look on the bright side, and at least they HAVE moved Rice to where he belongs.

      And heck, for tonight’s game, at least, Verdugo DOES have a higher OBP than DJ (it won’t be there for long, but for now, it IS higher).

    3. “It’s like knowing there is a problem, but your solution is insane.”


    4. Hasn’t Verdugo had a few multi-hit games lately? In the lead-off spot, he might go more for avg than power. Might not be a bad thing. (Maybe. One can hope.)

    1. And he’ll come back too soon and for 3 weeks he’ll make Trent look like Soto

  10. Is the hand injury Soto suffered adversely affected his hitting? I think a perusal of the games since indicates it has, 8 games, 5 hits, 2 XBH. Hopefully it is just short term.

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