July 17, 2024

34 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Yankees Still Stink

  1. Gil was incredible. You’re absolutely right, there importance of that start can’t be overstated. THIS Gil means – fix a few things and, with Cole and Gil atop rotation, and maybe with Schmidt coming back, this is a team to fear. With THAT Gil, kiss the season goodbye right now.
    So yes, that was far and away the most important thing last night gave us.

    1. Do you think the Yankees drop rodon or Stroman from the rotation? Or try a 6 man rotation?

      I don’t have any idea how they will handle Schmidt returning.

    2. They’ll probably do the same thing they did when Cole returned – drop him into the spot of whoever is injured.

    3. Clay, I like the 6-man idea. Somebody eventually probably gets hurt, they get to work on everyone who needs help, no one gets overtired, you can probably let them go slightly longer in their games if they earn it.
      What do you think?

    4. I don’t know if the Yankees are flexible enough to do a six man, but that’s the route I would take, barring injury.

      The need for relief might make gil or Schmidt to the pen a tempting option.

  2. Fortunately, for as bad as the Yankees have been, the Orioles are only up 3 games.

    For now.

    For Gil, throwing the slider more seems to be working for him now. I think hitters have been sitting change up and his whiff rate on that pitch was going down the last three games. Then last night it was back to being a weapon despite throwing it less.

    1. Fortunately, for as bad as the Yankees have been, the Orioles are only up 3 games.

      It’s SHOCKING how much the Orioles have been unable to use the Yankees’ total collapse to pull away.

    2. Especially after the Orioles were shockingly unable to gain on the Yankees for so long when the Yankees just wouldn’t lose.

  3. Kirschner Coming into today’s game, they had 4 of the 25 worst hitters by wRC+ since June 13, the most by any team.
    Volpe – 32 wRC+ phenom?
    LeMahieu – 42 wRC+ Le Machine?
    Torres – 65 wRC+
    Verdugo – 65 wRC+
    And They also came into today’s game with 4 of the worst 25 starting pitchers by ERA since June 13.
    Rodón – 10.89 ERA (worst in MLB)
    Gil (before today’s start) – 10.43 ERA (3rd worst)
    Cole – 6.75 ERA
    Stroman – 6.43 ERA

  4. i was camping out of range of the broadcast this weekend and thankfully missed 99% of the series. but catching up on the lowlights let me just say that i hate this team.

  5. Seth Rothman
    Yankees – last 3 seasons
    Started Finished
    2022 61-23 38-40 (Swept in ALCS)
    2023 36-25 46-55 (Missed playoffs)
    2024 49-21 ??? (6-16 in last 22 w/70 games remaining)

    1. That sounds right BF. Boone got burnt by Devers with a LHP ready to go on Friday. He brought in the LHP after Devers homered. Then Sunday same thing Weaver ready to go and Boone brought him in afterDevers homered. I’d argue he should have brought in Hill to face Devers.
      Against RHPs Devers is a superstar, against LHPs he’s just a good hitter 722 vs 1104 this season. Remember 2009 when it seemed like Marte was always in to pitch to Howard late in the game.
      Boone doesn’t adjust.

    1. You were right, Don.
      Woke up today feeling better than yesterday.

  6. Reading articles about who the yanks need to trade for – 2 relief pitchers, a 3b, a 2b, a starter, etc. Bottom line is they have 2 stars and a whole bunch of crap. Like the Angels when they had Trout and Otani. Yet somehow cashman keeps his job.

    1. WP: 35mm film is roughly equivalent to a 5600×3620 pixel frame.

      The 7S resto was Criterion/Janus, so it should be top-shelf work.

  7. Saw this doc “Fastball” and they claimed by today’s way of measuring Feller through 107+ MPH and Ryan 108+ MPH.
    Ryan once threw 230 pitches in a game and pitched until he was 46.

    1. I saw that too. I think they were generous with their estimates. I think, overall, 100mph is about the speed limit for a pitcher. More than that has been mechanical tinkering in the 2010s. Bob Feller was not throwing 107 … 98/99 on occasion, sure. But he wasn’t throwing 100mph fastballs and 78 mph curveballs on three days rest and getting a sub-8 K/9 IP.

  8. Athletic: In 2022, Boone said it while slamming his hand on a table as the Yankees skidded into the playoffs. He repeated it the following year after the Los Angeles Angels swept them in July, marking the first series where acknowledgment of the Yankees’ struggles clashed with their championship aspirations. After being shut out at home by the Boston Red Sox on Sunday Night Baseball, Boone echoed the phrase for the third consecutive year.

    “It’s all right there in front of us,” Boone said.

    Aaron’s got a way with words. That’s why he was hired.

    1. Gleyber at 2B, standard lineup, phenom, Trent and Le Machine hitting 789.

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