July 17, 2024

20 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Rice makes Yanks history with 3-HR game vs. Red Sox

  1. If Agustin Ramirez can actually play behind the plate, they might want to trade Trevy this offseason. He’s arbitration eligible for one more year, and there has to be a team that could use Trevino. Then they could have Ramirez as the backup catcher to Wells next year.

    1. He has a very good throwing arm. Mechanics can be taught/learned/improved.

  2. Again, a big game for Gil.

    What would really help this team is a valuable player at 3B. I’d love a MiL for MiL trade with important pieces moving. No idea what top 3B prospects there are in baseball, but if you give a similar top prospect (or package), no reason that shouldn’t be doable.

    1. If Gil and Rodon could pitch like they did earlier in the year we could live withDJ at 3rd. And if they don’t we will still live with DJ at 3rd like it or not.

    2. It’s like we don’t even have a GM.
      Which is a better state of affairs than we have with the manager, admittedly.

  3. The last notable MiL for MiL prospect trade occurred almost a decade ago, and it blew up in one of the team’s faces (Trea Turner was the PTBNL in the deal), so I don’t think GMs are too keen to try them out.

    Beyond that, there really ISN’T a Major League ready third baseman out there among the top prospects. The Orioles might have one, but, well, I think we can safely say that the Orioles and Yankees are not swapping Minor League prospects with each other.

    1. So odd. If you believe you’re getting as good or better than you give, and you end up with something more at a position of need, why wouldn’t you… are they that much more motivated by fear than by their own logic?

    2. Could happen just not within the division. The dumb post season format mandates that.

    3. “just not within the division”

      That logic works only if you don’t think you’re going to win the exchange. Or if you’re so afraid of losing the exchange that you’re willing to forgo it – even if you believe you’ll win it.

      Which is, mildly put, pathetic.

  4. Asked an AI who are the best 3b prospects close to the majors.
    Annoyingly, the only really promising candidates appear to be on Baltimore and (2 of them) the Devil Rays.

    1. Another one gives this:

      …3. Colt Keith – Detroit Tigers, playing at AAA level, and is anticipated to join the majors in 2024.
      4. Noelvi Marte – Cincinnati Reds, who has already had some major league experience and is expected to continue making an impact.
      5. Tyler Black – Milwaukee Brewers, projected to reach the majors in 2024.

  5. Holmes as an AS is rediculous.
    Nice to see my least favorite player of all time (Chappy) blowing a win in Pitts; against the Mets which annoys me but not as much as watching him stink. I hate Chappy.

  6. Turner was only a PTBNL because of some rules shit about when he could be traded, he was always the centerpiece and everyone knew he was a top prospect.

    The reason the Yankees aren’t going to trade for some mythical great 3b prospect is because if they want to improve the team this year they will get a guy who’s already done it in the majors, not someone who might shit the bed in his first taste of big league action

    1. Oh sure, but the other guys were “top prospects,” as well, while Turner was the one who became a superstar, so the trade definitely didn’t work out well for Tampa Bay or San Diego. So I imagine it’s not an aid for teams determining whether to do a deal like that one again.

    2. Except why would they be so certain they’d be the Pads or the Devil Rays and not the Phillies? Don’t they think they’d be the winners?

      Two of those three teams would have ended up without Turner anyway, with the other prospects. They’d have exchanged prospects that didn’t turn out great for other prospects that didn’t turn out great. They’re prospects – and as we’ve seen, established big league players are no guarantee.

      In other words, this logic applies to ALL trades, there’s nothing special that applies here only to prospects.

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