July 17, 2024

14 thoughts on “Yankees.com: How the Grish stole the win: OF’s clutch grab backs ‘bulldog’ relief

  1. By the way, while he is obviously ten times the manager that Boone is, Cash often makes some moves that scream, “I want the credit for this unconventional move.” Leaving Lowe, who is USELESS against lefties, in against Hill in the fifth with the bases loaded and one out was a bold move, and it was based on the fact that Cash figured the Yankees had no other lefties to bring in later in the game, but then Lowe wasn’t even COMPETITIVE in his at-bat against Hill, as Hill struck him out EASILY. That could have been the turning point of the game right there, ya know?

    1. True, but it’s hard to judge one move in isolation. It could have been a great idea, and for some reason Lowe was out of it and it turned out badly. If Cash often makes moves like that, and they often work out – that’s one thing. If Cash often makes moves like that, and they generally DON’T work out – that’s another.

      But yes, it sure looked bad this time.

    2. OTOH when Boone had a chance to use Hill against Devers who’s a superstar hitting against RHPs but merely pretty good 238/702 against LHPs he passed.

    3. Exactly. With Boone it’s not one bad move – even the best move has some chance of failing. With Boone it’s almost EVERY move. There’s never been anything like it.

  2. Btw, Flash went out of his way yesterday on air to say “They’re saying Judge isn’t getting pitches to hit, but – he is, and he’s just fouling them off, the way he did in the first month+ of the season.”

    Just hope he’s not playing hurt (yet again) and that he’ll come out of it soon.

    1. I don’t think anyone could have predicted this. Dude had a 68 OPS+ in his first two seasons, and breaks out like this at 26? So weird.

      But yes, he was definitely the main figure in that trade at the time, but you had to give up a lot to get what seemed to be a good player. That Gallo forgot to hit as soon as he got here couldn’t really be expected (and it wasn’t even just here, the dude has just forgotten how to hit PERIOD as soon as he donned pinstripes).

    2. The point is everything Cashman has touched for a few years has turned to shit. Any individual trade could be bad luck but other than signing a super star what’s worked? Donaldson’s might’ve worked out but he was a disaster at triple the price of Gio who had a much better season. Monty for Bader. Six more year for DJ. Kriske over Whitlock.
      Rodon, Stroman could work out. Won’t even go back to Ellsbury and Hixie.

    3. Gallo was never a hitter, he was a slugger in the Rob Deer sense of the word. His BA was always overlooked because he had 70+ power.

      There are always guys who cobble together an above average season out of nowhere. They usually don’t have staying power and will unlikely put it all together again. The Yankees will rarely develop these guys internally because they don’t have the patience and would rather trawl another team’s scrap heap for someone closer. There is zero chance the Yankees were giving Josh Smith 168 games with a 68 OPS+ to figure it out. They have Oswaldo for that.

  3. They pulled Skenes after 99 pitches through 7 no-hit innings. Fuuuuuuck this shit. Dusty Baker could meander through Pittsburgh and Skenes could Kerry Wood it tomorrow. Let him get the no-no while it’s there. Another 20 pitches ain’t gonna shred a 22-year-old’s arm beyond all repair, and looking at the Brewers lineup, Skenes could skate through those losers.

    I hope the Pirates blow this game and their next 30.

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