June 18, 2024

73 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Triple trouble: Soto, Judge, Stanton muscle up in SD

  1. Really? I love Judge on the team and still I hate that answer. No answer at all, just the most empty, politically correct (in the sports sense) answer imaginable.

    On the other hand, I’ll be the first to admit it’s dumb, meaningless question.

    1. It was him just trying to be nice, and that’s why people like him so much. Fans who HATE the Yankees tend not to hate Judge because of it.

    2. But that’s exactly what it sounds like. TRYING to be nice. Trying way too hard. Which is really unnecessary, because he doesn’t need to try, he IS really nice.

      I mean, I get what you’re saying, and also maybe people find that hard to hate because it’s so slippery, doesn’t give you anything to grab on to. But it’s like loving a whole pondful o’ nothin’.

    3. Anything. Preferably something less over-the-top treacly. Maybe: “yeah, it was pretty cool, we’ll do everything to make it continue.” Or “We hope so, we want to be.” Or a million other things.
      It’s not the end of the world, don’t want to make too big a deal of this.

  2. Wonder if Cashman will have a better deadline than he did in 2022. Feels like the kind of team where they would have blown the doors off in the 1990s by picking up a David Justice. This year’s version is Pete Alonso. But especially since Hal has intimated that he’ll be shivering on the breadlines next spring, this might as well be the year you go crazy with rentals.

    1. They don’t really have a glaring need, though, do they? I guess another back of the bullpen arm, but those are pretty easy to acquire. Who is out there that’s even worth it?

    2. Arenado is 33 years old, signed for three more seasons after this one for $51 million, and has a sub .700 OPS. I don’t think they’ll be interested.

    3. They could use a living 2B, although I would guess Peraza can outplay Torres easily.

  3. Obviously no runs allowed is great. Still not striking people out with his incredibly incredible stuff, though.
    How DID Rodon look yesterday?

    1. I think a team going for the jugular would absolutely trade for a better 1B and cut Rizzo loose. I’m not sure who’s available though.

    2. Pete Alonso is a pretty limited “star” but he’s got power. Just saying that 1999 Yankees would have been going for guys like that. I don’t even like Alonso. But I feel like a team of this caliber 25 years ago would have gone hard on Luzardo, Erceg, Pete

  4. I just looked at the Soto trade. None of the guys the Yankees traded are panning out for the Padres. Even if Soto doesn’t sign with the small market Yankees after this year, it will still be a steal.

    1. Good point. That definitely makes it less lopsided, but still seems like the trade favors the Yanks.

    2. any time you trade for an mvp candidate in their prime you come out ahead.

    3. Losing out on Cease is a bummer but so far (knock, knock) starting pitching hasn’t been an area of need.

    4. Thorpe does look pretty good…I’d still do that trade any day though.

  5. I just checked in over here and despite not looking at page in a day or so I’m already logged in.

    It’s a beautiful big-3, top starting staff, nails reliever, up a few in the east kinda world.

    thanks, brian.

    1. And tied for the best pythag in the majors. (What’s pythagorean about pythag I have no idea.)

    2. “The initial formula for pythagorean winning percentage was as follows: (runs scored ^ 2) / [(runs scored ^ 2) + (runs allowed ^ 2)] That formula proved more predictive than basic winning percentage when trying to predict a team’s future performance, although in the years since pythagorean winning percentage was popularized, other analysts have attempted to find an even more accurate formula.

      Baseball-Reference.com, for instance, uses 1.83 as its exponent of choice — a modification that has successfully narrowed the formula’s margin of error.”

      Close enough to A^2 + B^2=C^2

    3. Interesting!
      I thought it was generally used to mean rs-ra. But that makes far more sense.

  6. At the trop right now. Easily the worst stadium I’ve been to.

    Was in Miami prior to today, liked that stadium more than I expected to.

    1. The concourse is wrigley/Fenway combined with a run down middle school hall way.

      Did see a catwalk hr though, so that was cool

    2. Yeah, so bad. And despite being inside, uncomfortably humid. Also kinda like a high school gym

    3. At least you’re getting a good game. I saw Sabathia win 10-0 there. Worst stadium I’ve been to. And I’m sure it’s the worst overall bc the only ones I have left are Miami (which I won’t go to), new Atlanta (which I won’t go to), new Minnesota, Toronto, KC

    4. I can’t reward Atlanta for moving to some dumb suburb and hosing a new set of taxpayers. And I’m done with Florida entirely. The rest are doable!

    5. Cool that you guys have been to so many ballparks.
      I’ve been to about 20, I thought that was pretty good!

    6. It is much better outside of the 2/300 level. Not nearly as humid and feels more like normal ballpark

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