June 18, 2024

23 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Judge has everyone ‘watching greatness’

  1. Laughed at the repeating end of the game thread, Brian!

    Also, the collapse of the 2022 team was ridiculous. Epic. Hideous. But it’s not the norm – repeating it would be insanely unlikely. Doing it the FIRST time was insanely unlikely – how long did someone post here, in EVERY THREAD, something like “guys, if they just play 500 ball from here on in, they’ll win comfortably?” Until they didn’t, and didn’t, and didn’t, and slipped through the event horizon, never to be seen again.

    1. One particular thing I’ll note is that Judge has ALREADY broken the record, so there’d seem to be little reason for him to be wracked with nerves for a month-and-a-half down the stretch.

  2. I’ve reached a decision. I do not believe the Yankees pitchers’ true talent level is an ERA in the 2s.

    The batting may be real, but the pitching is going to come back down to earth at some point.

    Still gonna enjoy it while it lasts.

    1. Yeah, the continuation was:

      The offense is completely different, and so much better. The big worry – or wonder – is, of course, the starting pitching, which has so little track record and so many questions and even WITH a track record and WITHOUT questions could hardly keep pitching THIS well… but man, it’s crazy promising, right? And Cole on the way back.

      Pretty much what you said.

    2. I get the fear, but Rodón has done this before, so has Cortes. Stroman too. Gil has been a monster arm since he was a 16 year old and then they had work on a change up for his rehab. Schmidt was a mid 1st round pick as a broken college arm. Maybe they regress a bit, but they all have the talent. Injuries will be what derail the staff.

      The hitters, what a difference Soto makes. Verdugo to a lesser extent. I’m more impressed that Stanton doesn’t look completely cooked.

    3. I think you’re right but scoring is down across baseball so they’re not that over their heads. Rodon and Gil are the ones who look due for regression to me—Rodon gives up too many flies and strikes out too few, Gil walks too many. I don’t say they will get bad, just not this good.

  3. Judge in the last 317 games:
    .291/.417/.654/1.071, 195 OPS+
    116 HR, 242 BB, 18.3 WAR

    Is he the best hitter of this generation? Is he going to the Hall? It’s pretty crazy honestly.

    1. Trout is the comp. He was much better younger when Judge was still in the minors, age 20 OPS+ 168. From age 25-27 he averaged 190 OPS+. Judge didn’t really reach Super Star+ until age 30. Look at Trout’s numbers on Baseball Ref.

    2. I think Judge will need Big Jamba Ortiz like production in his 30s. He’s like 20-25 WAR short of HoF career tier for an OFer.

    1. As noted above, Trout was ridiculously good for his first 5+ years. It’s just he was on a very bad Angels team and isn’t a super charismatic guy.

      He’s still really good, but has health issues.

    2. True, but if the only serious competition is Trout for “best player I’ve ever seen,” it’s hard to imagine that Judge won’t go into the HoF barring a massive collapse.

    1. Everyone but Judge stopped hitting. Rest of the team had an OPS of like .668

  4. The division isn’t nearly as strong as it has been in recent years and the Yankees have/get to play it less down the stretch.

    Def should try to add a bat bc Stanton will have month of black hole at least. But they’re certainly stronger 1-4 than they have been in a while. And there are no Donaldson black holes that Booner feels like need to get 1300 PAs before he knows they’re washed. And even at the margins, guys like Cabrera are better than IKF.

    1. no more weighted divisions is a big plus the yanks season. that was new last season, right?

  5. DJ 0/2 after 0/3 yesterday but let’s bring him back next week after only 14 ABs and missing of ST because that never works out.

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