June 18, 2024

30 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Hitting streak puts Volpe in company with Jeter, DiMaggio

  1. Yes. This is like the little hitting streak DiMaggio had – immediately AFTER the day Keltner stopped the 56-gamer.

    Schmidt gave up 1 earned run. So the most amazing streak really does continue.

    And it’s also amazing that there are so very, very few losses that couldn’t easily have been wins.

    1. And yeah, WP, it’s weird that they discount the “five innings, two runs or less” streak, which is definitely the most impressive streak.

    2. Brian, are we buying into the idea that Stanton will shatter into a gazillion shards of bloody sugar glass if he plays the outfield? Are we certain that other teams will share that odd conviction?

    3. Maybe you’re right. All I can say is – absent a clear medical reason not to, that’s the FIRST thing I’d do.

  2. Atlanta was a fairly secure WC team with Acuna (+5 games). They’re probably borderline without him. So if they stumble then they may decide to sell, rather than to chase an expensive replacement OF. Maybe they’d take, say, Pereira, for a bullpen rental eg Dylan Lee?

    1. I hope it’s not for health reasons. When you see guys his age retire immediately, it often comes along with a very bad diagnosis.

    2. Seems that he’s human too and he and his wife are have taken criticism more and more personally as it has grown louder. I don’t blame him, but at the same time umpiring is a tough gig – I think 30+ years is good enough. I retired after two little league games as a stand-in. And that was just two coaches and a handful of parents.

    3. Seriously. We’re supposed to pity him now? I’d have liked him to take it personally enough that it might have motivated him to get (much) better. But he didn’t.

      (I mean, if it IS a health thing, then I WILL be sorry for him, of course)

    4. He lost a court case and the appeal. He sucks at his job. If there was no union to protect him, and if performance mattered in that job, he would have been out decades ago

      If there was institutional discrimination he would have been gone decades ago.

      I’m speculating that the union told him that they were debasing themselves to defend him against such obvious allegations, and that the union had no credibility if they were forced to continue to defend him.

      And I’m guessing then they told him that he’s 62, and even people that are good at their jobs get pushed aside at some point, and that he’s been incredibly well compensated for 30 years, and that he’s been getting four months a year off for 30 years, and how long of a road does he expect the union to support him for, and also to just go the fuck away.

      Just guessing.

    5. Angel Hernandez is a hero. I, too, would like to be so reviled in my workplace that someone will pay me to go away.

    1. Just give him a more extended rehab. Other players needed Spring Training and they’ve played into top playing form over time. There’ s nothing insulting about lettting him do that before bringing him back.

    2. last I checked lemahieu was trending downward. his slot in the order should be commensurate

  3. Nestor Cortes
    3-4, 3.29 ERA, 63 SO

    A Volpe (R) SS
    J Soto (L) RF
    A Judge (R) CF
    A Verdugo (L) LF
    G Stanton (R) DH
    A Rizzo (L) 1B
    G Torres (R) 2B
    A Wells (L) C
    D LeMahieu (R) 3B

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