June 18, 2024

12 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Soto hears ‘M-V-P’ chants after electrifying Yankee Stadium again

  1. So the strategy is for every pitcher to give up more hits than innings pitched. Preferably at least twice as many.

    Not really on board with that as a strategy for winning games.

    1. I’d assume there is a chance. It’s probably close to zero though since he’s so close to free agency and has rejected long term offers already.

  2. Who is everyone’s favorite Yankee? Mine is Stro. First Yankee player I can think of who seems to genuinely, publicly celebrate pride. Pretty cool.

  3. Pinstripe Alley “ Vrieling was a third-round pick for the Yankees in the 2022 draft out of Gonzaga, where his ERA and command got WORSE each year. His unsightly 4.91 ERA in 80.2 innings as a junior might make you scratch your head and wonder how such a bad platform year catapulted him into the third round. Vrieling is a perfect example of the Yankees prioritizing traits. His rising four-seam fastball and mega high-spin slider presented two interesting offerings, Vrieling is skipping Low-A Tampa and High-A Hudson Valley despite having zero minor-league innings to his name.”
    HIS ERA after 3 starts is 0.48. More ar PA

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