June 18, 2024

17 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Yanks unfazed by Judge’s early funk: ‘He’s going to come around’

    1. Listen, man, I’ve been inappropriately “doucheyed” by Brian in my time here, but please stop this, it’s not fun to read. (Unless I’m missing something? It’s so bizarre, I almost imagine there’s a game going on I’m not privy to.)

    1. It’s just silly, of COURSE they’re concerned. How could you not be when the dude is batting under .200 with just three home runs 21 games into the season?

  1. Oswald Peraza (right shoulder) is still at least a couple of weeks away from playing in Minor League games, Aaron Boone said this morning. Peraza has been hitting and throwing at the Yankees’ complex in Tampa.

    1. I’m not really seeing a difference in the leg kick motion, it does look like he’s starting it a bit later though.

    2. I’m no expert. I do believe that the shape of your leg kick and other mechanical things influence outcomes, to state the obvious. But given an established talent level, I just don’t really believe a shade of difference in leg kick turns Honus Wagner into Enrique Wilson.

    3. Yes, that is his name. But this isn’t the explanation. Maybe a little piece of the explanation, but surely not more.

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