June 18, 2024

42 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Stanton starts, Judge completes Yankees’ stirring comeback

    1. I was thinking the same thing – Verdugo got on, Cabrera failed, it really was a sudden fit of role reversal.

  1. MLBTR “Yankees announced that they have claimed outfielder Taylor Trammell off waivers from the Dodgers, the latter club having designated him for assignment earlier this week. To open a roster spot for Trammell, the Yankees designated infielder Kevin Smith for assignment.”
    Q? A Because he was on BAs top 100 3 years in a row starting 2018 and his robust career 77OPS+
    RAB: Hmmm. Feels like there might be another move coming. NYY now has two LHB OF (Grisham and Trammel) and one IF (Jahmai Jones) on the bench, and Jones has basically zero experience at SS and 3B.

    1. He appeared in 196 games for The Yankees.. He was much worse than I remembered.

  2. Pinstripe Alley: According to Statcast, of all hitters with a minimum of 25 PA, Wells has the largest negative differential in terms of expected batting average (AVG), slugging percentage (SLG), and wOBA vs. actual numbers. In short, Wells has an AVG and SLG of .103, plus a wOBA of .188. But as of yesterday morning, his expected numbers based on the balls he’s put in play would put him at an AVG of .257, SLG of .542, and wOBA of .399, which are all much better and closer to the Wells that we remember.

    I dunno?

  3. Finally got around to watching Das Boot (directors cut version). Absolutely top war movie. Fingernail biting tension. Did not see the end coming at all, impressive for a 40 yo movie. Left me with the impression that a U-Boat would not even be a palatable living space in this difficult real estate market.

    Watched Fallout, which I liked a lot. Someone remarked that it’s not great art but it’s very entertaining, which is close to the mark. It’s not *just* entertainment, there are real meditations on Bigger Questions. The last couple episodes got too explain-y for my taste, but still looking forward eagerly to the next season.

    Been watching Shogun, which is soapy, but a compulsive experience. It’s thrilling and amusing to have the notional hero be utterly at the mercy of events and the decisions of others, though he’s also not an idiot and not without agency. Also, cool Japanese armor.

    1. Now I’m wondering whether your earlier comment meant “F yeah, Brian!” or “F you, Brian.”

      You okay, Dolce?

    2. Just couldn’t get into Shogun, it was me not the show. Liked Tokyo Vice season 2 and the loopy, violent season 2 of American Rust.Enjoying Ripley and Sugar, Ripley is beautifully shot in BW. Having read the book looking forward to checking out The Sympathizer.

    3. Ripley I thought was very good but–maybe I mentioned this?–I had a hard time with the two male leads being eligible for Social Security. I’m also looking forward to the Sympathizer as I also really liked the book.

    4. I really dig Shogun. But then again, I also tend to rank my viewing experiences on a seppuku rate basis.

    1. Why worry about the jury in a system actually designed as a test competitive lawyer skill rather than, you know, coming to a just result?

    1. I was a fan of the Drury call. The article reminds me of the first time I ate a Madeleine.

    1. Of course, not Weaver, not Ferguson, not Santana, not Cody Morris. Who? Both Birdies on IL the Audubon Roster.

  4. Caldera DJ LeMahieu (non-displaced fracture, right foot) says he’s “ready to go” but latest MRI showed “healing, but NOT QUITE what they were hoping for.”
    DJLM plans to take BP & infield for the next 3-4 days, then be re-evaluated. Emphasized again that he feels ready.

    Deja Vu all over again.

    1. Also, Boone confirms that DJ won’t get the leadoff spot back. Gotta stick with Volpe, who has been slumping since he’s gotten the leadoff spot.

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