June 18, 2024

18 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Rodón grabs the reins in Yankees’ 7th straight win

  1. Watched a “plays of the week” video on MLB, then went and watched “the catch” by Edmonds. Still laugh out loud when he comes down with it. Incredible.

    1. I love that catch. That and the Ozzie Smith one where it takes bad hop as he dives and he still snags it are probably my two favorite plays.

  2. I went yesterday. Looked like Carlos was fortunate to be facing Chicago. He didn’t seem to have his best command or rhythm. Who knows? Easy for a mook in 320A to criticize

    1. It’s because he decided to play his whole career for the Angels.

  3. Rodon’s smile is a little sinister, like he’s a stranger sitting next to you at a bar who strikes up an uncomfortable conversation, and there’s going to be violence–not directed at you, but it will suck you into its vortex.

  4. Watched the first episode of the Peacock doc about the 1990 Yankees. So much I don’t remember. Mel Hall brought two cougars to the clubhouse and the prom photo of his 15 year old girlfriend in the yearbook. Pascual Perez. And of course George.

    1. I know times were somewhat different but I don’t know how “underage girl” got simply ignored, especially by the tabloids

    2. It was the Reagan 80s not the swinging 60s. Somehow Hall stayed here 4 years.

  5. FG has the Yankees atop their power rankings, which means nothing, but interestingly they have the Yanks as 97.6% to make the playoffs

    1. Fine. Cashman is smart, I’m stupid. Rodon is an Ace, I can’t even play beer league softball, Stanton is back, I shouldn’t have doubted him, etc.

      It’s amazing the difference Soto brought to the team.

    1. That engine was pretty obviously terrible from the outset. IIRC, instead of more heavily weighting recent games, they just limited the sample size to ~50 games. Just a bizarre decision.

    2. Yeah, forget the projection itself, the entire setup was mind-bogglingly terrible. Like a true affront to everyone’s intelligence, and a blight on an otherwise wonderful website.

  6. Weird move by the Yankees. Hamilton is on the COVID IL (the first player this season to go on the COVID IL), which hopefully explains his poor recent performances, so they cut Colby White, and are calling up Clayton Andrews, who they DFAed earlier in the season. When Kahnle returns on Wednesday, they’re going to have to DFA Andrews again, so, in effect, they’re going to lose two pitchers to add Kahnle, and that seems suboptimal (Obviously, they likely don’t think that they’re “losing” that much with both of those pitchers, but if you think Andrews is good enough to put on the active roster, shouldn’t you think enough of him to not want to lose him?).

    The Yankees might be getting Matt Sauer back, as well, as the Royals cut him.

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