June 18, 2024

13 thoughts on “Yankees.com: ‘That one’s on me’: Holmes’ rough 9th ends Yanks’ streak at 7

  1. We all knew Holmes was going to give up some runs at some point. I’d rather he get a bunch out of the way in one game than 1-2 over 6 games.

    1. Now that that’s already happened, it’s hard not to agree.

      Let’s just hope it works that way.

    2. This is the old thought experiment, do you prefer a starter who gives you 6/2 but unpredictably will give up ten runs in the first, or the starter who always gives you 5/4. The answer depends on a bunch of factors obviously.

  2. Honestly you could see this coming. 4 runs on 16 baserunners—you’d expect 7-8 runs at least. 2 GIDP with bases loaded, 2 sac flies instead wins the game

    1. Since “they” deprecated RBIs many players simply don’t seem to bear down in those situations. But the Yankees have been bad at bases loaded situation almost every season for quite a while (we regularly joke about it). They need a Thurman Munson, Eddie Murray, Don Mattingly attitude with RISP.

    2. 17th in OPS this year bases loaded, well behind 16th, last season 13th.

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