June 18, 2024

12 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Soto gets ‘that feeling back,’ has first multihomer game as Yankee

  1. How frustrating was it for years that almost never were Stanton and Judge on a tear at the same time. It was something we kept waiting for…

    That’s how good Soto’s start was – Stanton and Judge WERE both on a tear over the past two weeks, together, finally… and it was hardly noticed.

    Well, except for all the wins, of course.

  2. Also, we’ve said little about the massive value to this team of Stanton not being the endless, queasily bottomless, pitch black hole I’m pretty sure we all expected him to be.

  3. Yeah if Soto, Judge and Stanton keep this up the Yanks will win a lot of games. Alas Stanton’s hot streaks get shorter and shorter with each passing season so I’m not betting on him at all.

    Really glad we are getting some value out of LF. Verty has changed a negative gaping festering hole into a positive. That’s huge too.

    1. I disagree–he had a hot start with the bat but is pretty cold now and his defense seems iffy.

  4. 91 wins would mean the Yankees would go 59-66 over the rest of the season, which we know is possible and perhaps even likely, but does BR have a “Yankees suck” variable in their model?

    1. Their methodology is just silly. It still weighs last year’s Yankee team results more heavily than the first 47 games of this year. It’ll slowly shift over the next few weeks, and the Yankees will “suddenly” look a lot better.

    1. Don’t forget Marinaccio, who would be in an upper tier if he didn’t have options.

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