June 18, 2024

36 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Red-hot Yanks roll behind rejuvenated Rodón

    1. As I have been on the Nestor Express, to coin a phrase.

      May we all be justified!

  1. following up on my earlier post about a high spin high velo rp acquisition to offset the sinker profiles of Holmes and Hamilton, Michael kopech fits the bill although he’s a bit wild. 1+ years of control, affordable, on a crappy team, with injury concerns though

  2. What happened to the old site, btw? For me, it was suddenly replaced by a nonfunctional old blogspot-ish site that never worked if I clicked on a link, then this Rolls Royce of a website showed up one day like a gift from above.

    1. There was some weird issue with the URL where rlyw.net was janky but if you went to some other long, drawn-out address like host.temp.1080/rlyw or whatever it was, you could get to the site and have it function properly.

      Early after the previous site died there were notices to update bookmarks, etc., but if you didn’t catch all that in the first week it did get kind of lost in the shuffle if you were banging your head against the regular domain.

  3. I still think Replacementlevel.com was the perfect blog name. No idea what happened behind the scenes to move it over to rlyw.net instead. 15 years ago or whenever that was.

    1. I don’t want to speak out of turn, but I think life for SG has changed over the years as it has for all of us, and CAIRO was pretty time consuming for him.

    2. SG is great! Didn’t mean to imply otherwise. He lives in Buffalo so I see him from time to time. He’s just got a full life, unlike, er, me.

  4. While we are on the topic, does anyone know what is up with baseballthinkfactory.org?

    Is it gone for good? It turned into a cesspool of Dons yelling right wing things at each other instead of being a fun baseball place a long time ago. A sad ending to what was once my entrance into a deeper understanding of baseball and the website which led me here, as well.

    1. but in all seriousness, id suggest we have a 3rd category of posts specifically for saber-y stuff

  5. I’m not at all saying I AGREE with this approach, and actually, I think it is patently embarrassing for them as a brand to continue doing this, but I almost admire the stubbornness of Baseball Reference sticking with its insanely bad prediction system.

    “Yep, the Yankees’ best possible final record after starting the season 10-2 is 91-71. Their chances of winning at least one of the THREE Wild Card spots is 25%. This makes sense to us, and it is not a sign of an insanely flawed system.”

    1. What’s wild is it’s just blanket powered by their Simple Rating System (“with no adjustments for HFA and no capping of MOV” and that “weights all (runs) equally, and therefore ignores wins and losses.”

      On top of that it only runs 1,000 sims, and is based on a team’s L100, with no weighting for the previous year’s teams/players.

      Yanks come out DFL in the AL East. Says right the there in the system.

    2. Also I’m willing to overlook weird shit like this, BR is a treasure and they should get the Nobel Prize for Baseball

    3. It’s constantly updating, so the Yankees’ current 25% odds represents a dramatic INCREASE in their odds.

      And yes, Baseball Reference is amazing, but, like, why launch a shitty postseason projection system at all? What was the point of it?

    4. Elon Musk determined to cut costs and add features after his multi-billion-dollar purchase of BR

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