June 18, 2024

60 thoughts on “Yankees.com: 30 for 30: Stanton latest to homer vs. every team

  1. Baseball is all about probabilities – you can guess wrong and be lucky.

    For example, you can utterly fail to understand what a “sunk cost” is, and then out of the blue Stanton starts hitting as if he weren’t already half-way processed by the glue factory. Luck like that is why lessons are learned so slowly in baseball, I think.

    Will it continue? That would be awesome. But no one rationally should have expected even the past week.

  2. Judge has looked pretty bad so far. Very frustrating. Gleyber has actually looked pretty good at the plate, but hasn’t had much to show for it. Also very frustrating.

    1. Judge has looked pretty bad so far. Very frustrating. Gleyber has actually looked pretty good at the plate, but hasn’t had much to show for it. Also very frustrating.

      He really looks like a guy working through things, which might be to expected due to him missing most of Spring Training, but he’s really got to get his shit together.

      I liked the move of Gleyber out of the leadoff spot, as I think he really was pressing a bit there. DJ’s return will be huge, as it will allow Gleyber and Volpe’s bats to both get into the middle of the lineup and offer some production after Judge/Stanton.

    2. while lemahieu presents value in extending the lineup by pushing volpe and gleyber down in the order he presents the problem of being a shitty hitter.

    3. I like Volpe long term to be a great leadoff guy, I’m a bit worried about him there right now.

    4. eh, I’m cool with it. for whatever speculative reason, I think Soto concentrates more so as to pick up volpe

    1. this doesn’t seem abnormal, in fact id imagine it happens to boras often. he’s the lead negotiator, gets his geld, then transitions out of the picture for the hand holdy part of the agents job.

    2. eh, either way Montgomery found the boras process to be burdensome enough such that he didn’t get full value on his boras commission

  3. Astros now 4-10 after getting smoked by the Royals today who scored 9 runs in the first inning off one pitcher. I hope that continues. I hate the Astros. Also the Mets. And Chapman.

  4. We never had a discussion here about trading for the marlins pitcher luzardo. Rumors were they were asking for Spencer Jones plus others. I’m against that for obvious reasons, but actually against trading any high value minor leaguer because I don’t think he’s that big a deal to begin with. But many of you here now more than I do. .

    1. He was great in 2022m but in only 100 innings. He was good last year in 180. He’s 26, so he could still be getting better. But I believe he was a super 2, so he’s already gone through 2 years of arbitration and isn’t particularly cheap. On the other hand, he is controlled through 2026.

      I’d have to be VERY confident his floor is 2023 before trading Jones. But I think there’s enough past performance and potential there to give up non-Jones/Dominguez pieces. Since he’s a pitcher, it does make it easier to part with some of the Yankees minimal pitching depth. The Yankees aren’t really set to lose any of their rotation this winter, with Cole, Rodon and Stroman under contract, Cortes in Arb3, Schmidt in Arb2 and Gil still under full control. So, trading from their upper MiL pitching is actually an option, especially to bolster the ML pitching.

    2. Looking forward, without any changes, the Yankees have upcoming holes at LF, CF and 2B and/or 3B, also possible 1B, depending on Rizzo’s club option and DJLM.

      Let’s assume the Yankees have Jones and Dominguez penciled in for significant OF time in 2025, so those OF holes aren’t a big concern (ignoring how incredible Soto is).

      Peraza and Vivas are intriguing, but unproven, and the Yankees don’t really have any other high likelihood high MiL infield prospects.

    3. Could the Yankees make a trade around a package of Warren/Hampton and one of their high end, but low MiL pieces like Arias, Lalane, Lombard or Mayea?

      I feel like the Yankees would have to throw in at least another solid prospect, Peraza/Vivas/Pereira or maybe a bat first questionable glove guy like Rice or Hardman.

      None of those guys is vital to the Yankees, but would offer a combination of soon/immediate value and long term potential to the Marlins.

      A Luzardo for Hampton, Peraza, Arias, Rice trade is approaching reasonable levels on https://www.baseballtradevalues.com/trade-simulator

      At 65.4 surplus value to 58.6.

    4. TL;DR I’d strongly consider a trade for Luzardo, keeping Dominguez and Jones off-limits.

    5. Yeah, that’s exactly where I am, but it seemed like the Marlins earlier were insisting on the Martian or Jones, like every other freakin’ team, it feels like. It’s almost like it has become a thing, “You can’t trade your best asset to the Yankees if you don’t get Jones.”

    6. I like vivas a lot, swings like bellinger but better contact less power. plays in yankee stadium

    7. I really don’t see the appeal w luzardo. he’s pretty injury prone and yankee prospects are historically undervalued except to the a’s

    8. Brian, I don’t think the Yankees have the same cache they once did on the market. not with the whole not winning much in a while. the Yankees, absent of this very awesome season and org composition, imo have the reputation of being outdated

    9. Not sure where you are getting that feeling from. To my knowledge, the Yankees are still considered to be an above average, if not one of the better, development system.

    10. well I’m basing it on the general over performance of yankee prospects (in the minors) the last few seasons which would suggest yankee farm rankings are depressed.

      I mean no team wants to get hosed, but there are more predator fish in the pond who continue to swing a lot of deals – dodgers, braves, rays, Red Sox. The yankees have also been pretty damn active w trades as well. I guess I’m just countering Brian’s chicken little shit. (Lights incense at Cronin alter in plea for forgiveness)

  5. The Martian out until the Summer, Spencer just missed his 7th straight game with no explanation, and Hampton is opening the year on the injured list with Double-A Somerset. He was expected to split the season between Double-A and Triple-A, but this shoulder issue will put those plans on hold indefinitely.
    Yankee minor league top prospects chips off the old block.

  6. Numbers from The Athletic
    They rank 15th in slugging percentage heading into this weekend’s series with the Cleveland Guardians and tied for 16th in average exit velocity.
    Anthony Rizzo’s woes have gone a bit under the radar. He’s yet to barrel a baseball. He currently ranks in the 20th percentile in average exit velocity,

  7. Game 1 A Volpe (R) SS
    J Soto (L) RF
    A Judge (R) DH
    A Rizzo (L) 1B
    G Torres (R) 2B
    A Verdugo (L) LF
    O Cabrera (S) 3B
    J Trevino (R) C
    T Grisham (L) CF
    Schmidt day.

    1. And were the announcers right about the new rule? Not sure I like the rule, but if the announcers were right, they certainly went out of their way not to enforce it.

    2. The announcers said it was due to the difficulty of playing the outfield in this sun, but I’m still not sure I get it – it’s not like there’s no chance they catch it, and you still have to kind of be a little ready for that eventuality, no?

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