June 18, 2024

18 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Soto’s smash caps twin-bill sweep: ‘He’s great’

  1. I was real believer in Cabrera after his debut and though he didn’t look good last year, he’s young and athletic and I think if they just trust him out there he’s gonna be a valuable player. Not a star, but a good everyday guy.

    1. Whole team now has 15 in 16 games. That’s second in MLB, behind the Townies who have 16.

      Oakland also has 16, which leads the PCL.

  2. A tantalizing glimpse of what Volpe-Soto-Judge can be. Lineup as a whole not fully operational, but maybe DH could bat for the catchers, and try the pitchers’ luck at the plate. (Pretty sure that’s not allowed, but I bet opponents would agree to it.)

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