June 18, 2024

21 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Cortes spins 8 scoreless against favorite boyhood team

    1. Oddly harder than you would think (or at least harder than I would think). Most plugins that allow private messages are paid ones, oddly enough.

    2. Brian, I’m sure at this point we’re just happy to have the site running, but if in the future you decide to add features/spruce it up, I think many of us would chip in if things cost money.

    1. He’s not hitting the ball particularly hard. And he has a lot of infield hits.

    2. ah, i was using fangraphs which has his xwoba at .315 for 2024, up from his .305 in 2023. Either way, though, i’d take the over on his woba in relation to that xwoba

    1. Because he’s been playing well. Can’t let that continue without at least some serious effort to interfere.

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