June 18, 2024

23 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Judge’s monster May proving ‘that’s why he’s the captain’

  1. Another series win. This team is doing what it has to do.
    Volpes bases loaded walk was a great at bat.
    I am really starting to hate Gleyber

  2. Gleyber OPS May 754, Rizzo 598. Kirschner last night: Gleyber has made a couple of really nice plays at second base tonight.
    Considering how many forgettable infielders we’ve seen on this team I just don’t get all the hate for a career 778, OPS+ 112 second baseman, but whatever. Luis Sojo 791 Yankee PAs, Yankee OPS+ 62

    1. Gleyber made the mistake of flashing super star potential several times but never actually making the jump.

      He’s frustrating because the raw talent appears to be there, but his defense has stalled at best and gone backwards at worst, and he’s been inconsistent as a hitter.

  3. Yoendrys Gómez 5 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 6 K (win) His longest outing. Yankees have believed in him through copious injuries.
    Torrens to mutts.

  4. I want Boone to play to win, but I have to admit that with a 6-run lead they really could have taken Rodon out when he put a guy on base – guaranteeing that he couldn’t give up more than two. That streak had people excited – and I bet the most excited people of all are the starters as a group. Why not keep that going? Wouldn’t you think Boone, of all people, would do that kind of thing?

    Also, as impressive as Volpe taking the walk was, annoying that Volpe’s streak has to end not because the pitchers didn’t allow hits because they were great, but because the pitchers didn’t allow hits because they weren’t in the zone enough to hit. 8 walks and 5 hits? (Actually, half of those walks were Cimber in 1/3 of an inning, so maybe it’s not as bad as all that.)

    Finally: nice how one AB changes everything. Other than the 2-run HR, Judge struck out every other time at bat.

    Finally-finally – nice win, and I’m loving this team! May Schmidt come back soon.

  5. Also – this West Coast swings seems inordinately wrong – is it? It feels like they’ve decided never to come home again.

    1. It does feel long but remember when the Yanks would take two week western trips for 13 games against TX/ANA/OAK/SEA? Those don’t happen any more I feel

  6. I’m curious what the braves would offer for verdugo.

    trading for Oakland’s miller would seem to spell the end of holmes’s time as a Yankee after this season.

    wonder if they move Schmidt to the pen upon his return in 2-2.5 months

    1. do we have reason to think they’re going to trade for Oakland’s Miller? And if that did happen, and it spelled the end of holmes’ time with the Yankees after this season… who’d be upset by that (except, perhaps, Holmes and his relatives)?

    2. Miller is under team control for so long, and is bizarrely still the frontrunner for RotY (despite Gil being worth twice as much WAR), so I don’t see how they trade him.

      But yes, Miller would be the perfect pickup.

    1. I loved the Cody Morris return on Florial, as he really is just fungible at this point, while Morris might actually have some use.

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