June 18, 2024

32 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Gil dominates again, Volpe extends hitting streak to 21 in Yanks’ win

    1. The winning Lotto ticket. Also Jake Cave is still on a ML roster which almost as surprising.

    2. There was a while there where, if Brian Cashman came calling for some little known reliever in your system, the best answer was to just hang up.

  1. I’m not sure about moving Volpe to cleanup. He’ll start swinging for the fences and he’ll be the sub-220 hitter he was last year. He’s finally successful at hitting; leave him be.

    Gil is amazing.
    Gleyber and Rizzo not.
    And Stanton is about to show us why he’s done. His hot streak is over .

    1. he hit the ball hard last night but also seems to be chasing more again.

    1. I want Cole back. I think the Yankees would be best suited going to a 6-man rotation at least for a few weeks because we know someone else will get sore (looking at you Rodon). But I imagine Schmidt and Gil could rotate the extra day off between them. I don’t know how exactly it would work, but an October series with Cole, Gil, and Rodon/Cortes is very formidable exciting to think about.

      That and Judge/Soto hitting. Please stay healthy.

    2. I didn’t mean I didn’t want him back EVER, of course! Just wouldn’t touch what’s happening now. As soon as the magic begins to fail a bit – then immediately.

    1. I don’t believe it. Gil isn’t that young, but he’s also never pitched anything close to a full season’s load. Once Cole is back they’ll do some load management.

    2. He was so insistent that I wonder if he actually has a source in the organization. He says they don’t do load management anymore, but instead do biometrics, and only rest guys if their biometrics show concern.

    3. That’s still load management, just not the same inning/pitch limit.

      There’s no way they end up with Gil throwing 180 innings.

  2. Circling back to the Negro Leagues conversation, a question was asked about whether there was a dominant player in both leagues, or who spent parts of his prime in both leagues.

    Larry Doby has always been on of my favorite ancient baseball players, he missed most of his age 20 season for an unspecified reason, and all of his age 21 season to military service (it was 1945 that year) but at age 19 he put up a 161 OPS+ in 127 PA, at age 22 he put up a (league leading) 186 OPS+ in 265 PA, and at age 23 he put up a 218 OPS+ in 132 PA, before he finished the season with Cleveland in the American League.

    Doby then put up a 136 OPS+ in a HOF career in the AL, he was dominant through his age 34 season, after a down year at age 35 he was out of the game.

    I don’t know any of the circumstances of why he stopped playing, but when I was a kid I used to look at his stats in the Baseball Encyclopedia and wonder why he didn’t have a ‘Johnny Mize like,’ swan song for his career as a pinch hitter for those early 60’s Yankee teams or some other winning team.

    Mize was white, there was a roster spot for him on the Yankees from ages 36-40.

    1. Interesting. All together, though, he had less than a single full season of games in the Negro Leagues.

    2. I think this negro league admission is just another screw job to keep schilling and mark lemme out of the hall…

    1. YC, if you really believed DJLM could be pre-injury excellent at that spot, would that change your thinking at all?

    2. Maybe but Volpe is the future. Remember DJ’s excellence was only about 1/3 of his career. But sure and I don’t think it matters much at all.
      Boone would probably bat Volpe 5th anyway because he prefers a LHB after Judge..

  3. If the Yankees don’t do load management any more it doesn’t really show in their handling of the bullpen, unless their biometrics just happen to show that you shouldn’t pitch guys 3 days in a row or 4 of 5.

    1. Gunnar Henderson is 3.7; he was drafted at #42. Volpe was drafted at #30. Yankees took T J Sikkema at #38.

  4. In OTHER news
    Prior to tonight’s game, the Yankees made the following roster moves:
    •Placed RHP Clarke Schmidt on the 15-day injured list (retroactive to 5/27) with a right lat strain.
    •Recalled RHP Cody Morris (#82) from Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

    Cody who?

    1. Well, we were waiting for the inevitable starting rotation injury. Hopefully it isn’t too bad of a strain. That ruins any chance Schmidt has of making the All-Star team, so I feel bad for him for that (he was probably already going to miss the team due to too many Yankees, but still).

    2. Do Poteet and Morris both have options left? Can they shuffle them?

      Morris is the guy they got for Florial. He has a very live arm, but is very injury-prone.

  5. Greg Joyce Cody Poteet will start on Saturday. He had been dealing with a blister at Triple-A but Boone said he’s good to go. x.com/gjoyce9/status…

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