June 18, 2024

24 thoughts on “Yankees.com: Judge’s HRs bring backyard dreams to life in SF

    1. He had 14 walks in his first three games.

      A month in, he had 19 walks and a 4.01 ERA and didn’t get past the fifth inning in any start. Totally fine for a #4 starter, of course, but it was almost all due to his lack of concentration. This last month, it’s like night and day. 12 walks in 6 games (versus 19 in five) and hasn’t gone LESS than six innings in any game this month. It’s been amazing. Matt Blake should run for President, or maybe Pope.

    2. Truly amazing. I can’t remember a coach who’s had this kind of impact. I mean, literally – not one. Anywhere, ever.

    3. I recall a few guys over the years who were highly touted, the Yankees just could never get them to come here. They tried with Don Cooper, but he would never leave Chicago. And they tried with Leo Mazzone, but he didn’t want to come to New York (he signed with Baltimore instead, hated it, and was fired after a year, and just retired). Obviously, with both of those guys, they only had shots at them when they were old. So having Blake before he’s even 40 is so awesome.

    4. Blake must be doing a bunch for Gil, the way he’s done for the whole staff; but Gil himself seems to credit Cole. Called him “professor”.

      (Quick, someone tell the Provost that for the University to remain competitive, faculty should be getting $36M a year.)

    1. That’s what I was thinking, more 70s, a sequel to Alias Smith and Jones.

    2. Imagining… say some weird mix of Greenacres and My Favorite Martian. I suppose that’s not quite the 50’s, either. But in the 50’s!

    1. Probably good for the Yankees, right? They have the perfect offense for a relatively dead ball.

    2. Maybe?

      It does help explain why their pitching has been so good – they have a bunch of flyball pitchers and fly balls aren’t going for HRs as often.

      The flip side, is that if the MLB switches back to a livelier ball, they could really struggle at that point.

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