June 18, 2024

13 thoughts on “Yankees.com: June boom: Judge’s 464-ft HR sets the tone

  1. Wow.

    Barrels have to be percentaged, right? I prefer flat swings as a rule’s – like Stanton’s, like Soto’s, like DiMaggio’s – but Judge’s swing is crazy. It sends the ball exactly in its own trajectory. There can’t be anyone whose home run swing centers the ball as exactly and easily as his. (They do track that, right?) It’s like it cradles the ball and then just tosses it into the seats.
    And this one was particularly impressive – it was off the end of the bat, but the bat was going so fast that, with Judge’s strength behind it, it made no difference.
    <–repost, but so on point

    1. Clay, very cool!!!
      …but not quite what I mean. To calculate a “barrel,” you need put limits on a range of spots where the ball hits the bat. WITHIN that range, then, there’ll also be a spread. Unless I’m mistaken, the statistics available on the site just give %s for established measures (e.g. barrels).
      What I’d want is: taking only pitches hit for home runs, how centered was the ball on the bat.
      Still very cool, though!

    2. On the other hand, as I look at the expanded set of stats… I need to figure out what they all are!

    3. Found the definitions. Interesting stuff. If the actual measured data is somewhere in there, though, I’d love to be able to set up my own measures. Their launch angle likes from 8 to 32 degrees, for example. It would be even cooler if that weren’t the only spread we could measure for.
      UPD no, not all the definitions, for a bunch it looks like I have to go to Statcast (not a big deal).

    4. I think you’d have to do some more data analysis to get exactly what you want, but you’re basically talking about a subset of blasts.

  2. Looked like Poteet was surprisingly good, yes? Second time in a row? Any hope for him to become something?

    And close to continuing the streak… well, I’d like to SLIGHTLY revise the streak, so as not to count runs allowed by subsequent pitchers, or better – just count “getting through 6 with no more than 2 runs”, even if one more run scores later. I wonder when the last time is that was done if you make that slight adjustment…

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