June 18, 2024

54 thoughts on “Yankees (8-2) vs. Marlins (1-9), Sunday, April 8, 2024, 6:05 PM EDT

  1. Juan Soto is a fucking PROFESSIONAL HITTER. It’s crazy how good he is at just HITTING. The last Yankee who struck me as as good of a hitter (well, not counting juiced ball DJ) would be Donnie Baseball (Boggs was still good when he got here, but clearly not quite AS good). Even Paul O’Neill wasn’t this disciplined. It’s just remarkable to watch.

    1. I realize “just be a .350 hitter” isn’t exactly workable advice but it really is amazing how much better lineups look with these types of guys and baffling why they don’t seem to put more emphasis on this at the instructional levels.

    2. arod was pretty disciplined. he was around 15-19% k rate with around a 10-12% bb rate (both eyeballed). that and/or the roids helped his eyesight a fuckton

    3. I think that was just how good he was naturally. He was all “feel,” and just on FEEL he was able to be such a good hitter.

      But note that his OBP was not crazy high for his career.

    1. hmm, his xwoba is pretty good too. same bb% as k%. if the rays unlocked something in him then kudos to them. either way, he’s still very injury prone

    1. They’re getting paid $14 million and $13 million respectively to MAYBE be good. I’d have be fine with either one of them returning at a “prove me” salary, but $14 million and $13 million? That was crazy.

    2. I agree on the $ amounts, but they’re my rortvedts. I’m just mad at the situation

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