June 18, 2024

48 thoughts on “Yankees (7-2) vs. Blue Jays (4-5), Sunday, April 7, 2024, 1:35 PM EDT

  1. When Stanton gets hot he’s the best hitter in baseball, unfortunately he doesn’t stay hot for very long. Enjoy it while you can because I’m still betting my mid May he’s under 200.

  2. Looks like Stanton has shortened his swing the last couple days, and he is quicker to launch, so he can catch up with the fastball and wait a hair longer to recognize a breaking pitch. Basically what Judge’s private hitting coach teaches. Still has more swing from his upper body than Judge does but it looks like a real mechanical adjustment that involves his legs/hips more, and hopefully he can remember what it feels like.

  3. Granted, easy for me, a guy who felt like he blew out his arm getting it up to 70 after my kids egged me on at a minor league game, to criticize. But funny how subtle the line between journeyman and ace is for a guy who throws as hard as Gil.

    1. The rest is in between the ears for most of the guys with real good stuff. Or, as Yogi once said: Baseball is 90 per cent mental. The other half is physical.

    1. The Blue Jays pitcher agrees with me. Thanks for the tack on. And Gleyber, meh.

  4. Kahnle played catch on April 6 and is in line to resume throwing in the bullpen during the week of April 7-13, according to manager Aaron Boone. Per MLB.com

  5. Eli Fishman “Yankees ’22 3rd rounder Trystan Vrieling makes his professional debut at Double-A after missing last year with injury.

    Took Joba Chamberlain 7 starts to reach Double-A in ’06, took Chase Hampton 9 in ’23. Couldn’t tell you the last NYY pitcher to start their career in Double-A”

    5ip 0r 2h 6k 2bb

    1. Second half of 2022 was also awful, I’m surprised it’s that recent.

    2. Seriously? The finished over 500 without a single series win at home? That sounds impossible. But I guess…wow last year was bad.

      What was their best streak of the season? Did they win 8 out of 10 at any point? Presumably…but I would have fought they won a series at home too!

    3. They won plenty of home series, just none against the Orioles, Rays, Red Sox or Blue Jays.

      They also won series in three of those four teams’ ballparks (only Tampa Bay never lost a series to the Yankees in 2023).

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