June 18, 2024

42 thoughts on “Yankees (6-2) vs. Blue Jays (4-4), Saturday, April 6, 2024, 7:05 PM EDT

  1. Seriously? Five innings and it’s a masterpiece? FFS Per MLB propaganda, which is quite tiresome (and tells me they’ll try to bury the Ohtani mess as well – notice how quickly that went quiet).

    “Yamamoto’s latest masterpiece: 8 K’s at Wrigley Field”

  2. How in the fuck do you get the lesser TJS while on the IL from a hip flexor? Lo is just cursed.

    I think Cash might need to go out and get a closer, to allow Holmes to be a dominant setup guy to pair with Hamilton to make up for the loss of Lo.

  3. Luke Weaver is useful, but Boone has GOT to stop trusting him when he gets into rough spots. It’s just baffling. Weaver is what he is, a decent long man. You don’t trust your decent long man when he gets into rough spots.

    1. I have higher hopes for weaver. burdi looks pretty good and new guy struck out a shit ton despite giving up a bomb yesterday.

      also efforts new pirate guy coming back around the break. and kahle if his arm re attaches

    2. They have a lot of junk he needs to trust. Weaver is a career 83 ERA+ pitcher. Outside of Birdie, Hamilton and Holmes who’s any good? Meanwhile Clarke is a 4 inning pitcher. He should be a long relief guy.

    3. my hope is that they think they can turn weaver into a serviceable middle reliever. he only costs 2mm so really no harm no foul. warren should be able to contribute at some point too.

    4. mind you Holmes, Hamilton, and burdi we’re all scrubs before joining the Yankees. I’m comfortable relying on Blake teasing out value from castoffs

  4. If you follow the Dodgers at all you know that Dave Roberts makes in-game decisions based on a combination of sentiment and a Wheel of Fortune he keeps in the dugout. I would have fired him years ago. There was a former FG writer–Craig something?– who had been with the Astros and is now with the Twins who insisted the FO doesn’t care about in-game decisions, and he’s probably right, but they should.

    Hell Saint Joe had malevolent baby Don Zimmer to tell him what to do, where’s the shame in that?

    1. They could have avoided it if Boone didn’t think Weaver was some untouchable guy. He lets him pitch through trouble like he’s good. It’s baffling.

      To be fair, Hamilton struggled, as well, so Holmes SHOULD have missed this game.

  5. As we’ve seen over the years, when your good relievers have bad games, it looks really bad. It doesn’t mean Ian Hamilton isn’t great. He just had a bad game, and some bad luck behind him from Holmes.

    Remember when Mike King would give up home runs? He’d look awful, but he wasn’t actually awful.

    That said, I do wonder whether there is something to be said for perhaps moving Schmidt back to the King role with Lo out for the season. Then let Warren be the #5 starter.

    Not YET, of course, but if Schmidt can’t pitch five innings, what’s the point of starting him, when we know he can be an effective guy in the King role?

  6. the problem with the pen is that i don’t have much faith in nestor, rodon, or schmidt. if two of those guys throw 180 innings, they’ll juggle the pen until it’s passable.

    this puts a lot of pressure on Gil to do a Gerrit Cole stand-in until the guy is back.

    don’t get me started on the other side of the ball, this team isn’t putting up 9 every night.

    1. That’s why I think it makes some sense to see if Beeter or Warren could become starters, letting Schmidt become a valuable reliever again, like in 2022.

      Yes, you could try that with Beeter or Warren, as well (let them pitch in relief), but I’m getting to the point where I just don’t think Schmidt can get through enough innings to stick as a starter (I’ve wanted Schmidt back to the bullpen all offseason).

  7. I’m a bit miffed at the sitting of Oswaldo the day before. Just ride the f*ing hot hand instead of systematically dousing it in ice water. Yes, the player should be able to deal with sitting for a day, but you’re supposed to be making success as easy as possible for the player, not the polar reverse. Have Oswaldo get used to being good on a daily basis – as long as it lasts. He’ll cool off eventually, that’s when you’ll get the other players their playing time. It’s probably nothing in this one case, but it’s a bafflingly stupid tactic to apply across the board.

  8. Okay, friends – can we indentify who we were before the mass renaming?
    UJD’s still UJD, I see. Knuckle Curve, excalibur is Don, Clay is Clay, Brian, Big Fan. Who’s Calla, Dolce? …there was one more. One of you is sic…….? Yfin? Who else is still here under a different name?

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