June 18, 2024

83 thoughts on “Yankees (9-2) vs. Marlins (1-10), Tuesday, April 9, 2024, 7:05 PM EDT

  1. This is a very good performance, no doubt, but I worry that the Marlins just can’t hit right now. I mean, NESTOR just through eight shutout innings against them. So I’m tempering my expectations for both Nestor and Rodon’s next start.

    Now, if Rodon sucks next inning, I will not. 😉

    1. my thought is wells is still developing and Trevino is essentially what he’ll be at this point. can’t hurt to throw some lefty abs at wells

    1. dude, berti has had 13 abs, and would you rather the mighty Trevino get abs? (defense notwithstanding…)

    1. Amusingly, that was basically the theory behind the Yankees having Lo pitch every third day, and he STILL blew out his hip AND his UCL anyways!

    2. yea I don’t get it. he’s throwing 4 different pitches, his fastball isn’t really playing up, and like half of the marlins’s sps are tommy johned

    3. Poor Loaisiga. That guy is never going to be a consistently healthy player. I assume he’ll get a league minimum deal when he comes back, and then some MiL deals, and then he’ll pitch in a foreign league for a year or two.

    4. I mean the Yankees got plenty of value from loaisiga. he’s basically Betances-lite. unfortunately we’re in the mets betances era for loaisiga

    1. Sic this Robl guy is some kind of cash games player, and lucky to boot. High Stakes Poker has been giant action this season.

    1. I can’t think of a redeeming quality in his abs that would lend themselves to a good leadoff hitter. he doesn’t have a high obp, his abs aren’t especially long, is slow, is a bad baserunner, um

  2. Now they only need to go 77-73 to vaguely be in contention for WC2 before fizzlinng out after a 3-6 homestand against the Rays, Royals and A’s.

  3. I’m thinking that maybe Rodon is not done? Ok a game against the Marlins isn’t proof but seriously, he’s pitching pretty OK so far this year.

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