July 17, 2024

105 thoughts on “Yankees (55-37) @ Rays (44-46) Tuesday, July 9, 2024, 6:50 PM EDT

  1. “Gleyber at 2B, standard lineup, phenom, Trent and Le Machine hitting 789.”

    I’m reading this and thinking how great it would be if their hitting lines ended in .789.

  2. Gleyber’s going to get on without a run scoring, right? WRONG! Why does that seem like so much more than they deserve, or than they’re going to get the rest of the game?

  3. How cute, they’re going to the mound after giving up one run. I mean, isn’t it normal to give up seven runs in the first?

  4. Career-altering back injuries would be problems for ANY pitcher, but when you’re as dumb fuck stupid as Carlos Rodon, it just ruins your career, because he’s too fucking stupid to try to change how he pitches to adjust to his different physical abilities.

  5. They go down meekly in order, but DJ did get the ball above the infielders’ heads, so that’s got to count as a big win all around, I think.

  6. Last 14 days before today Volpe 130/146/167 312. He stinks, at least now, and that’s not hyperbole. He stinks, not like Waldo bad, but historically bad. I don’t know if it’s mental or not, but to be the worst player on this team is quite the achievement.
    How long can they stick with him

    1. Like I said earlier in the year, I think, he’s going to be a guy who scuffles along and maybe changes teams a few times and then he’ll put up a 5-6 WAR season as a 28-29 year old and everybody will bitch about why the Yankees didn’t keep him.

      But you are correct. It’s maddening at how bad he can be with the bat.

    2. I don’t see the slightest hint of arrogance in Volpe.
      I also can’t believe how bad he’s hitting, of course.

  7. Red Sox go down 2-0 in the top of the first, and already have a run back with no outs. The Yankees would never be able to do that. They’d just completely fold as soon as they were down 2-0.

    1. It’s like when a team is losing they look listless. And when the team is not hitting the first question is usually about the opposing pitcher what was he doing.

    1. Rice we’ll see. Vertigo stinks. Gleyber hope he returns to form. Wells we’ll see. Volpe super stink. Trent stinks. DJ past his sell by date.

      Vertigo got what two, three pitches to crush?

    1. I think the Yankees paid a lot in bad vibes when they won 3 in a row. It manifested itself in a massive slump of 1st round picks. Then Cash made another deal with the devil where he gave the Yankees one of the best hitters in 2 generations as a lottery tick 1st rounder. But the reverse curse is that he never plays in a World Series as a Yankee.

  8. Okay, what the hell was that?
    If DJ isn’t going to play defense, then he’s no use at all.
    He wasn’t close to getting that, and he really, really should have been.

    1. I think he thought it would go foul.

      But I also think he should have had that.

  9. Also, for the millionth time, the umps get every other pitch wrong.
    To say “that’s a wonderful part of the game” is complete bullshit.

  10. He (Cash) said he couldn’t quite put a finger on what had been troubling the Yankees, who started the season on fire, going 49-21 through their first 70 games.

    “Simply,” he said, “we’re struggling.”

    And that’s why he was reupped for four more years.

  11. Rodon looks much sharper, but you can’t expect even the great offenses in baseball history to get 3 runs in 5 innings. Too big a hole to climb out of.

    1. Probably that game screwed with his head. He’ll come out of it.

    2. We’ll see there’s nothing in his resume that says can’t miss. Kevin Maas. Shane Spencer was the best hitter in baseball for a month. Dr PHENOM was a near all star until he became Mr phenom.

    3. Ben Rice: .920 ops in the minors. I’m very happy that he’s getting these at bats instead of the usual ride the pine act in favor of someone who has a long history of sucking / done like Jay Bruce

  12. I’m skimming the ERA leaders for japanese ball the last couple of years, what prevents some of the older guys there posting sub1 seasons in relief from coming over to mlb? you would think at some point by 35 they could walk.

    1. Watching them struggle is even more sad when it’s at this godforsaken “park”.

    1. I just don’t get it. The other guys suck, I know, but they don’t suck so much that you continue to trot this useless loser out there every fucking game.

  13. Please please please please move Verdugo out of the cleanup spot. Wells will probably suck, too, but it’s at least SOMEthing different. Gleyber would be my pick, but really, just anyone BUT Verdugo.

    1. He’ll play every day against LHPs. I assume even our manager won’t sit Rice.

    1. That could be our battle cry like “you gotta believe” or “we play, we win.” Post it in the clubhouse.

  14. Why would you take Tonkin out at this point? He was doing fine, and he was going to be unavailable for a couple of games no matter what, so why pull him? It’s like Boone is looking for the guy who doesn’t have it.

    1. LeMahieu 3B R
      Soto RF L
      Judge CF R
      Rice 1B L
      Torres 2B R
      Rumfield DH L
      Verdugo LF L
      Wells C L
      Volpe SS R

      Hey, he can’t be worse right?

    1. Good contact don’t mean shit when you lose 17/23. Fuck moral victories. It wasn’t even that good just better than you expect to see from a Yankee in that situation.

  15. RAB The Yankees have now lost 17 of 23. They’ve had a 6-17 stretch in each of the last two seasons after doing it in only two years from 1992-2022.

    2/30 and now 2/2. Sub replacement level manager and a GM who built a team that had a 172 hitter leading off in the 9th of a 2 run game.

  16. Yankees have scored 4,2,4,3(1er),14,0,3 the last 7 games. They’ve lost 6/7 and 9/11 as well as
    17/23. If they played the White Sox or Colorado in a 7 game series tomorrow I’d bet against the Yankees.

  17. So glad I stopped watching.
    They’ll never win with this manager or this GM. Find something better to do with your evenings. I visited my parents (ages 91 and 87) and read a few chapters in a book on retirement planning. Still a few more chapters to go so I’m now ignoring tomorrow night too.

  18. Congratulations in advance to Aaron Boone, Brian Cashman and The New York Yankees.

    Katie Sharp: The Yankees started 49-21 and are 6-17 since.

    No team in the Wild Card Era (since 1995) has started with 49+ wins in their first 70 games and missed the playoffs.

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