July 17, 2024

50 thoughts on “Yankees (55-38) @ Rays (45-46) Wednesday, July 10, 2024, 6:50 PM EDT

    1. Is the hand injury Soto suffered adversely affected his hitting? I think a perusal of the games since indicates it has, 8 games, 5 hits, 2 XBH. Hopefully it is just short term. (Plus a. hit tonight).

  1. How useless is Stroman that he tires in the fifth fucking inning?

    And for one of the smarter starters on the team, he sure pitched dumb this inning. Falling behind the number nine hitter 3-1 with no outs?!

  2. YAY WIN.

    But I’d just assume fire Cashman+Boone and blow up the team right now. You could get some talent for Holmes, Soto, Volpe, Nestor, maybe Gleyber.

    They need to get some contracts off of the books and start again and the people running the show are losers.

  3. I wouldn’t brag about this game. We didn’t hit and I wouldn’t count on the relievers to keep allowing baserunners and then pull a Wetteland.

    1. I’ve watched RISP fail from both sides now
      From up and down, and still somehow
      It’s CT rallies I recall
      I really don’t like this team, at all

    2. Although the funny thing is I like this team more than I’ve liked it in a long time. I really like Rice, Volpe, Soto, Schmidt, both catchers really, Nestor, Judge, watching Gil get it together was amazing. Add Dominguez.

      “Like” in the direct sense of “like,” not “think they’re going to win.” On the other hand, I really did see this team was more for real than the 2022 team… yet here we are.

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