July 17, 2024

125 thoughts on “Yankees (55-36) vs. Red Sox (48-40) Sunday, July 7, 2024, 7:10 PM EDT

  1. My proposed rule on those plays at second is that only the runner or the fielder making the tag should be allowed to challenge (and they have to challenge right away). Players always think they’re safe, so enough lost challenges will keep managers from using the challenges in the future (as they’ll tell their players to stop calling them).

    If a player is SURE they’re safe, then sure, challenge it (same when a fielder is SURE they got the player out). But otherwise, it’s nonsense.

  2. So you guys are utterly certain that no amount of this from DJLM will knock him off third base? No matter how long he keeps it up?

    1. I suppose when Gleyber is back they might platoon him with Waldo. If Vivas keeps getting on base at a 400+ they might try him. Most likely Cash will find the next Donaldson or maybe even bring Donaldson back.

    1. Not in his first AB, anyway.

      Although records, I’ve heard, are made to be broken….

    2. His OBP is sadly still close to every other Yankee regular, so I think they still should let him lead off (so that Rice can give Judge protection). But if not, then he has to bat 9th.

  3. Is this Boone’s plan or Rowson’s or the Yankees just think it’s too hot and they’ve got a playoff spot locked.

  4. Wow, that was outstanding. It’s interesting, the best bet to win the game is to send him out there for the seventh, but I would almost consider going to the bullpen in the seventh, let him savor this performance for next time. Long term, getting him right has to be the most important thing, ya know?

    1. Those are some pretty heady numbers to leave with, sure. But I could go either way on that.

  5. Kutter Crawford is the kind of name that if you encountered it a movie about a violent redneck you’d be like “oh come ON that is not real.” Bad baseball name.

  6. Oh, for Pete’s sake.
    So few chances for a double-play today, they weren’t about to miss it when it came around, I guess.

  7. Look, either suck enough that they bench you or do that with some regularity, DJ. Getting just enough hits to earn the right to keep depressing the offense, and me personally, is like the worst of all worlds.

  8. See, I really wouldn’t have let him face Devers a third time. That was exactly my point about taking him out after the sixth. Now he’ll lose the game and feel bad about himself, when he pitched a heck of a game.

  9. To go to Weaver NOW, though, AFTER the home run and, more importantly, the second out, though, is inexplicably dumb. If Weaver was going to come in, he should have come in already. Boone is such a shitty manager.

  10. I thought they might bring in Hill for Devers. I would’ve. Devers OPS against RHPs is 300 points higher than against LHPs. But yeah if not what Brian said.
    Boone did the same shit on Friday but you got to hand it to him, he refuses to learn. A foolish consistency.

  11. Devers vs RHPs 1064, vs LHPs 722. That’s a huge difference. And Boone who makes so many left right dumb decisions didn’t pay attention.

    1. It’s a blessing to have Trent Grisham as an everyday player. An embarassment of riches.

    1. Watching the WSOP since Devers took advantage of Boone for the 2nd time.
      Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is pretty good.

    2. KKBB is an all-timer. Almost required to double feature it with The Nice Guys.

  12. RAB: “ The Yankees have lost 15 of 20. They’ve had a 5-15 stretch in each of the last three seasons after doing it in only three years from 1996-2021.”

    Who’s the manager been the last 3 years? I can’t remember or I’m trying to forget.

  13. Yankee videos “ “It feels terrible…but it’s all right there in front of us. This is not the time to feel sorry for yourself, it’s the time to try and get guys going.”

    – Aaron Boone on the Yankees’ 6-16 stretch

    Now it’s the time to try?

    1. In those 6 wins they scored 8, 4, 8, 16, 8, 14 runs. In the 16 losses they scored more than 4 only 3 times. Is there a certain type of pitcher they can feast upon while everyone else dominates them? Or is this just the blind squirrel finding a really big nut?

    2. omg, he brought the line back.

      can someone else manage this team already?

  14. Friday 1 ER (0 really) 6 hits in 10 innings, tonight 0 runs 4 hits. The Yankee press is afraid to really confront Boone about anything, even letting Gil pitch to Deavers.

    Boone even liked the ABs of Vertigo and Volpe after Soto’s double. Vertigo hit a ground ball and Volpe a routine fly ball. To Boone not striking out is a victory.

  15. Kirschner Coming into today’s game, they had 4 of the 25 worst hitters by wRC+ since June 13, the most by any team.

    Volpe – 32 wRC+ phenom?
    LeMahieu – 42 wRC+ Le Machine?
    Torres – 65 wRC+
    Verdugo – 65 wRC+

    And They also came into today’s game with 4 of the worst 25 starting pitchers by ERA since June 13.

    Rodón – 10.89 ERA (worst in MLB)
    Gil (before today’s start) – 10.43 ERA (3rd worst)
    Cole – 6.75 ERA
    Stroman – 6.43 ERA

  16. “Does Cashman even watch these games? Does Hal ?”

    Finally, someone’s pinned down what makes Cash and Hal smarter than we are.

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