July 17, 2024

47 thoughts on “Yankees (54-32) vs. Reds (39-45) Tuesday, July 2, 2024, 7:05 PM EDT

    1. I’d trade for a THIRD baseman. I’m happy trying Rice at first.

  1. Falling apart time for Gil. Honestly, I’m still relatively pleased by this performance. He didn’t get killed, and that’s the biggest issue. Granted, there is still time in this inning for him to be crushed.

    1. Never believed in Gil. Seen any number just like him, million dollar arms, 10¢ heads.

  2. Booner turns to TheRunFairy, era 5.88, to stem the tide. TRF has inherited 6 runners in his last 3 starts and 5 have scored. Somehow Boone and Cash thinks he’s good.

  3. Look at the Yankee hitters not named Soto or Judge. Look at Rodon and Gil lately. Look at Cousins, Hill, Maclej, and TRF. This is a bad team, not even a WC team. Probably more likely to finish last than win the East.

    1. Very cool how they were expected to lose three wins. Great job with all the protests! (This is in jest, I understand the stat)

  4. Was watching Clipped, rewound to 6th. Was there any excuse for Rice getting thrown out. Judge home run produces the CT. Grisham, Wells and Volpe 0/4 does not inspire confidence.

  5. What happened to Volpe? He was almost at 800 now he’s under 700, 547 for June. think I’d let Rice or Gleyber lead off. Small sample Rice is the only non Judge/Soto player even over 700. On 7/2/2022 Yankees had 6 players in the lineup over 700 including Judge and Carpenter.

    1. DJ to lead off, might get him going. I think he’s done (most here do too), but maybe squeeze a good 3–4 weeks out of him.

    2. Of everyone, i am most surprised by Verdugo’s slide. Contract year, he had the good vibes, what happened?

    3. Hard to figure, he had some big hits, was 3rd in RBI’s behind Judge and… uh and… oh, Stanton.

    1. I was just coming here to post this. Why in the fuck are you punting the game down just three runs by using Ferguson? The whole pen was rested!

      I can’t wait until Ferguson is gone. Effross will be back soon, and possibly Burdi, as well. And you know Cash is going to pick up a reliever, I just wish he’d hurry up and get a good one NOW.

    2. Maybe Boone thinks Caleb is good. Effross had a terrible last outing. Whos to say if he’ll be any good

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