July 17, 2024

50 thoughts on “Yankees (53-32) @ Blue Jays (38-44) Sunday, June 30, 2024, 1:37 PM EDT

  1. Continuing from before Gil and Rodon aren’t injured but if they were that would at least be an excuse. Gil went from being the best pitcher in baseball to maybe the worst. Vertigo went from being a solid contributor with a little pop to DJ level bad 140/229/163 the last 14 days.

  2. A Volpe (R) SS
    B Rice (L) 1B
    A Judge (R) RF
    A Verdugo (L) LF
    G Torres (R) 2B
    J Davis (R) DH
    A Wells (L) C
    D LeMahieu (R) 3B
    T Grisham (L) CF

  3. RAB “bc they’ve seen many LHP lately, Wells has started only 3 of last 10 games. He hasn’t started 3 straight games once in 2024. Lots of RHP coming up. DH him when he’s not catching and see where it takes you. Under the hood numbers are better than his slash line (but not amazing)” xBA 250, xSLG 419 assuming same walk rate would be xOPS ~720

    Wells catching Cole for first time.

    1. Good.
      I still want some kind of answer to what suddenly happened to Trevino’s throwing game. (Hint: it’s NOT the arm strength they keep throwing at us – the stats have that as consistent – and consistently paired with an excellent pop stat – for years now.)

  4. He’s baack

    A Volpe (R) SS
    J Soto (L) RF
    A Judge (R) DH
    A Verdugo (L) LF
    G Torres (R) 2B
    B Rice (L) 1B
    A Wells (L) C
    D LeMahieu (R) 3B
    T Grisham (L) CF

    1. Rice with some nice ABs. The jury’s still out. Be nIce to see some home runs.

    1. Fine. Happy to have been wrong to the extent I was. A run is something.

    1. I really believe Volpe can be a fine hitter. But either he’ll turn that corner or he won’t. Probably helps that they appear to be willing to stick with him either way at that position – and his fielding helps him carry it at least a bit.

      Thinking about what we’ve been seeing – his eye seems to vary a lot. For a while, he’s got great plate vision. Then suddenly he’s swinging at garbage nowhere near the zone (usually down).

    1. It’s nuts. The previous manager was in love with the hot hand, as I recall – the other dumb extreme. (But I’d take him over Boone in a heartbeat, of course.)

      A strikeout – nice.

  5. Well, the offense scored 4 and I guess that’s it. Can the pitching hold it to 3 or less? I say not.

    Vertugo is another guy playing himself out of the chance at a nice big contract.

    1. Yeah. But he’s not folding in the field, and we’ve seen that. He’s doing everything else well – fielding, running the bases. He’s bright, unlike some of the idiots we’ve seen on the field. And he’s shown he can hit for power and hit for average (not at the same time, granted). It’s there. He’s got to be so close.
      Maybe give him a game or two to collect himself.

    2. With Soto and Judge hitting 2/3 the job of the leadoff hitter is 95% to get on base. I don’t care if it’s DJ, Volpe, Gleyber or Verdugo. Even Rice.

    1. True about AA. Which makes me wonder what is going on with Arias and Lombard down there in Low A.

    2. Arias is 19 (turns 20 in September) and has a 662 OPS in low A. Jasson age 19 (turned 20 the following February) had an OPS 814 in Low A and a 906 OPS in High A.

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