July 17, 2024

63 thoughts on “Yankees (53-31) @ Blue Jays (37-44) Saturday, June 29, 2024, 3:07 PM EDT

    1. I mean, you’d have to believe you wouldn’t be able to hit a home run, and then play the rest of the game, on a broken hand, right?

    1. As bad as it was, at least it was “just” Vlad. That dude can hit homers off of the best of them. But yes, still totally insane, and a terrible job by Nestor.

  1. The Soto thing is so weird. Again, he never came out of the game, even up 16-5 in the ninth. He hit the homer, and then got another hit later. He was in the lineup initially. Surely this is just some precautionary BS, right?

  2. I have to admit I liked it better when the opposing pitcher every day looked overrated than these days, when the announcers have to breathlessly describe the artistry of anyone lucky enough to be the opposing pitcher.

    1. I’ll give them this much, Toronto really shouldn’t be this shitty. They have the talent, I don’t know why they’re struggling so much. I guess because they don’t get to play the Yankees enough.

    2. Sure, but for much of the season even really good pitchers looked like pretenders against the Yankees.

      That was fun.

  3. Vertigo is the one guy Arron Boone doesn’t need to worry about. I just got in and saw him swing at two balls with a 2-2 count before he struck out.

  4. Yankees got confused, they thought Trevino since Trevino was not in the lineup he was catching for Toronto. Was that a hit and run that Wells missed or didi Gleyber go on his own. He’s a terrible base stealer.

    1. I imagine he was following a sign, not going on his own.
      I hope.
      Although considering who’s giving the signs, why would that be any better?

  5. I have not been convinced today that DJLM’s one extra-base hit of the year, which happened to come yesterday, meant that he’s turned a corner.

  6. Yankees have four relievers who normally would be the last man out of the pen on a good team. You almost can never take out a pitcher with less than 100 pitches

  7. Judge, Soto, a decent return to form by Stanton, and Verdugo having 41 RBI’s was covering a lot of sins of the line-up. Stanton is gone for weeks, Verdugo has turned into a pumpkin, no one else to pick them up.

  8. Bickford’s era 9 and counting. Caleb 5.84. Hill 5.20 with a 2.09 WHIP. CX Bickford 14.40 or Brooks Kriske territory. How many inherited runners has TRF allowed to score?

    Nice roster Cash constructed.

    1. That is why it is sad to see some people jump on a pitching coach as some miracle worker. They’re basically interchangeable, it depends on what they have to work with, and Blake is no different from the majority of them.

    2. Rodon. Is greatest success was Cortes and he got good in AAA before coming here. Holmes has been a success though erratic.

  9. Yankees hitters except Judge and Soto are league average or far worse. No one except those two scare any pitcher. Cash never signed a replacement for Stanton when he went down or if he was as bad as he was last year. He gave DJ 3 or 4 years too many and made him Rizzo’s replacement in case his concussion lingered.

    1. Signing DJ for extra years is fine IF the Yankees were willing to cut him. But they are stupid, so extending a 4 year contract to 6 years for the same $$ accomplishes nothing.

    2. Clay, exactly.
      But they can’t do it.
      When they sign a guy to a big contract, knowing the last few years are just to get the first years, they are constitutionally incapable of keeping that in mind when they GET to the last few years. Once they get there, they think: we’re paying this much, we just have to, have to play the player, even if it’s to the detriment of their own interests.
      So they shouldn’t make those deals, I guess. Until they develop some kind of memory and self-control.

  10. Why are IKF, Bader and especially Rortvedt so much better than they were here. Just bad luck or did our great manager and coaches miss something?

  11. Batting DJ (if they must) in front of Soto or Judge might help, if anything can help. Volpe is just boring right now, as his OPS is hovering near 700 (714). Certainly not a leadoff hitter right now. Maybe get a run out of DJ to the average of his last 3 season’s OPS? Inertia is the problem with this team.

    1. they are clearly going to ride it out longer with him so they really should move him up.

      volpe has stunk for weeks. i hate boone’s toxic positivity as the team circles the drain. sure we are all scarred from 22 but how could you not be?

      unfortunately hal seems to have to learn every lesson n times.

  12. Katie Sharp Yankees have now allowed 100 runs in 13 games since June 15.

    That’s the most in MLB over that span. 2nd-most is 91 by the Rockies (also in 13 games).

    What sucks more the hitting or the pitching?

  13. Random or something Boone, Blake, the catchers and pitchers are systemically missing?

    Katie Sharp In the 6th inning, 4 of the 5 RBI by the Blue Jays came on 0-2 pitches.

    Yankees pitchers entered today tied for the 7th-most RBI allowed in 0-2 counts this season (24 entering Saturday).

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