July 17, 2024

54 thoughts on “Yankees (52-31) @ Blue Jays (37-43) Friday, June 28, 2024, 7:07 PM EDT

  1. So a career OPS+ of 43 is not standard for a DH? How many other MLB ANSWERS players are there with at least 100 ABs with such a low career OPS+? I’m talking last guy on the bench.

    1. A DH seemed like it was the last thing this team needed with Stanton and then Martian.

      Both getting major injuries was just some awful luck (Stanton was predictable, of course, but not a 21 year old getting a three month oblique injury).

    1. Trevino might be the third best hitter on this team right now which says a lot about this team.

  2. That’s more like it, Kikuchi. I was thinking, “Why is this guy throwing Volpe a strike with two strikes? He’ll swing at ANYyhing, just throw it in the dirt.” Cue Volpe swinging over a pitch practically rolled on the ground

    1. Our genius pitching will surely fix that, along with the other messes of the staff.

    1. The best thing about it was how NORMAL a lot of it looked, ya know? It wasn’t like they were hitting tons of home runs. Just a blast from an All-Star slugger, but otherwise, just lots and lots of singles and doubles. Really nice to see.

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