July 17, 2024

46 thoughts on “Yankees (52-30) @ Blue Jays (36-43) Thursday, June 27, 2024, 7:07 PM EDT

  1. So it wasn’t that the Dodgers, Orioles, Red Sox on a heater, Braves, and the Mets on a heater are good teams. It’s much more simple. The Yankees are bad.

  2. was wondering this last year, even more now. Why did both San Fran and the White Sox have next to no interest in retaining Rodon while Cash was all in for him? His past performance line reminds me of DJ’s, two great seasons, league average otherwise. Two career years at age 28/29.

    1. If it was an elbow injury, I think that’s fair. But it’s a back injury that no one could have predicted. Like how the Giants spent a lot on Alfonzo, and then he injured his back and became unplayable.

  3. RAB Rodon’s underlying numbers were not good even when he was having success earlier this year, and it’s all catching up to him now. Stroman’s aren’t good either, though he has a history of outperforming his under the hood stuff, so hopefully regression doesn’t come for him.

    1. Yeah, I’ve noted all season that he didn’t look as good as he had been pitching. But still, this is beyond that. This is just “How can you even let him start?” levels.

    2. Who else can they start? If he says he’s healthy they have no choice. Same with Gleyber. You can’t start Jones over Gleyber. Jones is terrible with zero upside. Just gotta hope Gleyber members he’s a good hitter.

  4. Trent Grisham can’t hit for shit, but when he DOES get a hit, it’s always a fucking home run. Too funny.

    In all seriousness, as much as Grisham sucks, they probably should just make him the everyday center fielder until Stanton or Martian are back (or Cash trades for an actual good hitter), as at least he plays solid defense and allows Judge to DH.

    1. As bop notes, Soto HATES to DH. Judge doesn’t like it, either, but, I mean, come on, dude, take one for the team! Especially since Soto they have to make happy so that he’ll re-sign here.

  5. Rodon was unlucky early in the first and then maybe he was simply steaming, which is unacceptable in any case. Reminds me of a friend after taking a bad beat in poker who used to sing “I am sailing.”

    1. Yeah, he has the mental maturity of a second grader. He’s so embarrassing to watch out there. Even WITH his injury, he clearly has the stuff to not be GODAWFUL, he just can’t make good enough decisions.

  6. Boone “we’ll make the adjustment, the stuff is there, it’s in there to fix this, we got to make better decisions about pitch selection in certain situations. I feel like it’s good right now.”

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