July 17, 2024

70 thoughts on “Yankees (52-29) @ Mets (38-39) Wednesday, June 26, 2024, 7:10 PM EDT

  1. Gil is the elephant in the room of this game.

    That’s a worthwhile point, though – an apparent mania about avoiding having two lefties or righties in a row in the order is yet another ridiculous and crippling Boone obsession.

  2. Juan Soto & Aaron Judge combined this season:

    1.066 OPS, 198 wRC+
    48 HR, 132 RBI
    10.3 fWAR

    All other Yankee hitters combined this season:

    .676 OPS, 95 wRC+
    69 HR, 256 RBI
    7.1 fWAR

  3. Play on Volpe in the top of the first turns out (ignoring the fallacy of the predetermined outcome) to have been a big deal in the top of the first.

  4. Come the hell on. What we don’t need is a replay of last night.
    And “trust your stuff” is not part of this anymore?
    If Gil can’t get the guy out in the zone, that’s not the Gil of the first half.

    1. he’s sort of similar to hicks and dj in that they went all in based on the SSS

    1. Another million dollar arm with a 10¢ head, it appears. I was never a believer because I’ve seen this act from others before.

  5. RAB : The entire staff top to bottom is just incapable of striking guys out now, I guess. 18.8 K% as a team the last 18 games coming into tonight. MLB average is 22.2 K%.

    Is this the Stottlemyre approach of pitch to contact?

    1. He’s been bad for years, this is 2024. He got lucky when the draft people took Judge, otherwise …

  6. The GM signed Weaver, Santana, Gonzales and TRF, only Weaver was any good. Since he added Tonkin, Hill and Bickford. Giving a bad manager a mediocre pen and ask him to make good decisions is a record for disaster.

  7. RAB Seventh time in the last 10 games the Yankees have allowed 7+ runs. Did it seven times in the first 72 games.

    Let’s not get to a faux CT please. Yesterday I was forced to watch the 9th.

  8. Yankees league leading 13 GIDPs with bases loaded. Is any of this approach like not swinging at pitches you can’t lift? It’s just hard to believe it’s just Rando bad luck.

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